The tale of a refugee for few months

He said to her: I want to leave my country, because they had destroyed my future and I should look for it in another place, in a new world.

She said to him: perhaps they had succeeded to destroy factories, buildings, bridges, forests, but they could not succeed to destroy our will, and you see that we are still alive as our homeland is alive.

A special festival for handicapped in Swieda

In cooperation with al- Sweida Council City the Syrian Association Branch for Handicapped in the governorate has organized the Disabled 4th Festival.

The 10- day event included lectures on voluntary work in addition to a detailed explanation on the association's various activities and services regarding offering all-out support for disabled in the governorate.

The Bloody Eid

For the consecutive third year, Eid comes carrying with it the nightmare of blood and destruction to the people of Homs. Every holiday, Homsi people look forward to peace and security, but the birds of evil and darkness refuses but to turn their festival to tragedies. They do not give them the opportunity to visit the old tombs of their children, yet they insist to make them dig more graves for their new martyrs.

Need to Ensure Social Protection to Syrian Women, Children under Crisis Stressed

The ministry of Social Affairs plans to develop an effective social protection system that accords special interest to women and children in Syria aiming to empower these categories of society based on partnership  between the government sector and civil society,

Kinda, al-Shammat, the Minister of Social Affairs, said in a recent meeting with reporters in Damascus that the ministry will open the Family Protection Unit soon with the purpose of integrating weak and crisis-affected categories, like children and women in society based on specified psychological rehabilitation and social empowerment programs.  She added that the programs are to be implemented in cooperation with concerned international organizations.

Death Coming from the mist

It is a guest that we do not ever love and avoid talking about it. We see it rarely. It  Joins us only and rarely  in grief and crying meetings. The deceased is mostly either an elderly or a sick person who is tired from disease and doctors. We share expressions of grief, sorrow  compassion and solace and pray, with  patience of faith or patience of habit to accept the inevitability of fate, for those who are still alive with longevity.

But the dark fog wrapped the place and death  has become  undesirable guest that we have to accept due to our belief in the inevitability of the Destiny. Our hearts cry for its visit and our weakness refuses but to appear very evident .

The deceased nowadays is not an old man or a sick person,  but they are those young people who returned to their families wrapped with flags  and flowers accompanied by the  joy of women and the rain of roses and rice where words of compassion and blessing mix with women's joy.

Survived Syrian Child Eye Witness to ISIL's Crimes against Children

Here is a true story highlighting the crimes and violations committed by the so-called Islamic States in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) terrorist organization and other terrorist groups against children in Syria.

After he escaped the terrorism of the ISIL, Mohammad, a 14 years old student (level 9) from the city of Ein al-Arab in Aleppo northern countryside narrated the story of his kidnapping along with tens of his fellow students on May 29th, 2014. He told SANA the details of the mass kidnapping and the torture they were exposed to at the ISIL captivity centers.

The New Birth

On Monday morning they left the village heading to al-Sha'er gas field. Twenty-four ambitious  intrepid young men joined  to the garrison that guard the field, which is an important source for the country's economy since it provides fuel for power stations . So each one of them knows the importance of the place in which they are.

On Wednesday night they were attacked by the barbaric armed gangs who wanted to control the field. Hence a hectic and severe battle was waged as the garrison personnel in cooperation with the NDF defended fiercely the terrorist Takfiri blind hatred attack aiming to destroy everything contributes to the renaissance and prosperity of the country.