Electricity sector in Homs

Electricity is an essential factor in the development process and an  indication of stability in any country.

Homs is actually an important industrial city as it contains a number of prominent industrial edifices such as the Industrial Area in Heisya'  and The Petroleum Refinery in addition to The Fertilization Company, The  Sugar Factory  and a number of food industries as well as medical industries companies. But the repercussions of the crisis has had a negative impact on the electricity sector where the terrorists' disruptive operations targeted power stations and lines that provide gas and fuel to these stations, led to a halt in a large number of these industries.

Why has Syrian woman been targeted in the ongoing terror war?

The Syrian woman has left a lasting imprint in the homeland's civilization, which roots  trace back to 10.000 years, and she has fought against colonialism and has played a pivotal role in building the homeland over the past decades.

Among the Syrian women who were recorded in history, General Nazek al-Abed, who fought along with Yousef al-Azmeh in Maysalon battle during the French occupation in 1920, and the leading Arab journalist Mari Ajami (1988-1965), who called the people for confronting the Ottoman occupation. 

We have to read this book

The Syrian General organization of book issued before a short period of time a book title " the Syrian tragedy, why the West erred", written by the French Orientalist : Frederic Pichon, and translated by Mr. Adnan Azzam.

This book is too important for two reasons: First: the writer is French, and we know that France was one of the countries that had tried to influence negatively and  aggressively in the Syrian crisis.

Popular Beliefs in the Heritage of Damascus Between Wit and Unrealistic

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The city of Damascus has always owned a rich popular heritage of stories, proverbs, tales songs, lessons, and jokes that made this heritage, truly, fit the oldest capital city in the world.

Within this vast amount of the Damascene heritage, we find popular beliefs mixed with wit and myth but remained a part of the heritage of the sons Sham (Damascus) for centuries even modernity entered to the march of the city and these beliefs removed away from them to move to the pages of history after it was a daily reality in the lives of the Damascenes.

Strawberries occupies the first rank among the protected crops in Homs

Despite the appropriateness of the environmental conditions, strawberries cultivation in Syria is developing slowly. In Homs province this agriculture received considerable attention by the farmers, especially in Talkalkh area which has witnessed a remarkable expansion in the past few years in terms of the cultivated areas and the number of greenhouses thanks to the suitable climatic conditions and the high economic revenues for this kind of agriculture.

Syrian Science Olympiad Achieved Notable Successes in 2014

The Syrian Science Olympiad is a big national project aiming to build an elite scientific generation based on specialization and invention.

Launched in 2006, the Olympiad has got the full support of the Syrian government and its national commission has been keen to invest all the potentials of the talented Syrian youths. It took fast and firm steps to enhance the performance of national teams to help them achieve good results and excel at local, regional and international competitions.

One Hand Can't Clap

Defending the homeland is the responsibility of all its citizens not only the army and confronting the terrorist takfiri war which Syria has been witnessing for more than three years has necessitated the mobilization of the efforts and potentials of government and non government parties as well as all the categories of the Syrian society.