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The Bleeding Story of Sadad

 The town of Sadad in Homs countryside was the target of a recent terrorist attack. I did not know this town before, but the martyr who came to the house next door to mine and his wounded associates made me interested to find out more details about this town and what had happened there.

"It is not coincidence that terror attacks this town. What had happened was a systematic plan drawn by these terrorist groups to fragment Syria's unity and territorial integrity and to destroy the pattern of co-existence and security the Syrians live in", one of the people said.

"I think that the attack and the acts of killing and destruction committed by the takfiri terrorists in this town were a dirty work which aimed at breaking up the state and displacing an important component of the Syrian society, the Christians. They first targeted Maloula and now Sadad," he added.

"What happened in our lovely town is but a heinous massacre which is beyond any description. They have perpetrated killing and sabotage acts under false pretexts and in the name of Islam forgetting that the teachings of Islam forbid killing or attacking others. They want to impose a new doctrine based on bloodshed, violence and eliminating the other", a woman said.

"Holy places and people's doctrines in this area have been protected over centuries. We have been enjoying security and peace and freedom to worship. We have to defend our Syria , our existence and to get rid of the terrorists and their ideology," the woman said firmly.

The attack did not affect the morale of the people of the town. Syrians, from all spectrums of society, defended Sadad as they refused to  get any part of Syria under the control of those takfiri  groups.

Tears mixed with much pride accompanied the procession of the martyr and mourners represented all spectrums of society .

"He was martyred while repelling the aggression targeting the people of Sadad and their historical church. By defending the church he was also defending  the town's mosques and coexistence," one of the martyr's comrades said.

"We are all ready to defend our Syria relentlessly whatever the sacrifices are. Our blood is a scapegoat for the soil of the homeland ," he stressed.

The comrades escorted the martyr to his final resting place and returned quickly to continue their sacred mission of defending the homeland and clearing it from terrorists. They stressed that they will spare no effort to terminate terrorism and restore peace and security to Syria.

Amal Farhat

'Massar Discovery Adventure' launched in Damascus


The Syria Trust for Development has launched the 'Massar Discovery Adventure' that aims at creating supportive environment for active learning for children aged 6-15 years.

The adventure is the first step in the 'Massar Rose Project' and it uses up-to-date technology and multiple learning styles based on notice, discovery and deduction to provide children with skills and knowledge that help develop their personalities and enhance their sense of belonging to the homeland and identity.

In addition, children could be active learners capable of investing principles and knowledge to serve themselves, their community and country, according to the adventure's goals.

Active learning

On Thursday, many children took part in the adventure at the Damascus Old Fairground where they toured 20 active discovery exhibitions in seven booths to have personal, social, national, environmental and scientific experiences that enable them to play active role in their homes, schools, quarters and areas.

"Beginnings", "Life", "our world", "ideas", "youth", "achievements", and "I'm able" are the titles chosen for the booths dedicated to help children know more about the Syrian fabric and about creatures, fossils, aromatic plants, the earth and the force of nature.

 The children will discover in the tour how they can develop their capabilities, turn their dreams into reality, and choose their goals and the course of their life as well as how decisions can change their future.


Mrs. Dania Ashi, Director of the "Massar Project", told reporters: "Now we can say that Massar Rose has become a reality thanks to the efforts of the team and volunteers… The process of building active Syrian child is a priority to be able to move to a better future."

Visiting times

"Families and their children can visit the adventure center everyday from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm except Fridays. The adventure is the first season of Massar Rose," Mrs.  Ashi said, adding: "In the next seasons, new active exhibitions are to be held every four months as the adventure is connected with the children friend centers, such as the one in Dwel'a area, to implement the activities there."

The Massar Rose project was designed to empower and strengthen the skill of the local community to improve their living conditions as well as to protect and revive the Damascene Rose type that grows in the region.

Massar, which is one of the Trust's projects, worked from 2005 to 2011 and effectively contributed to setting the Trust's new strategic plan.

The Trust is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2001 to empower individuals and communities in Syria to fulfill their role in building their society and shaping their future.

Basma Qaddour 

The Negative Impact of Crisis on Children


Syriatimes reporter in Sweida  has carried out recently a meeting on current crisis negative impact on pre- school children.

A number of teachers and specialists at Tishreen Buds kindergarten assured that all the Syrian children have been critically affected by the ordeal of our homeland, namely the pre- school children.

Director of the kindergarten Samah Trabih said acts of terrorism that have been perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups have hurt our children's psychological and mental health.

'' The dire repercussions of the aggressive acts that have been practiced against our people   are very clear on our children's behavior. The reactions of our children are currently  revealing their confusion, fear and anger.'' she added, calling for exerting intensive efforts regarding halting the crisis negative impact on our children .

For her part, the psychological specialist Amani Zitoni, who is also a teacher at the kindergarten said I have noticed recently  a serious change in our children' ways of speaking, playing and communicating. She also reiterated that children's reactions, activities and behaviors are not normal.

'' our children, namely the homeless have paid the highest price due to our homeland's current crisis , they have been prevented from their rights , they have been forced to leave their houses and cities. They are the real victims of terrorism. ''Mrs Zitoni said, citing the homeless pressing need for psychological and social support.

During the meeting , Suzan Rkab a teacher in this field highlighted the governorate's efforts regarding supporting the children at its governmental kindergartens , especially the homeless.

The teacher assured that all the governmental kindergartens in the city expressed full readiness for ensuring a free participation for the martyrs' and homeless children.

With this in mind, the Women Union Branch in Sweida has carried out recently  a humanitarian  study on the homeless children humanitarian conditions as to accommodate  the pre- school homeless children with suitable kindergartens.

It is noteworthy that in the district of al- Quraia there is a special department that is allocated for tackling the serious psychological situation among the homeless children .

Finally, All teachers expressed concern over the future of the new generation, calling on all parents for giving priority for raising their children awareness regarding our homeland current crisis, through answering their questions. The specialists also called for taking into consideration the children's presence at homes, namely during watching news.

Nahla Maaz for Syriatimes – al- Sweida governorate               


Beirut merchants: do you rememberAl Rozana?

very long time ago Turkey sent a ship into Lebanon with many goods on it to compete with Beirut merchants, with very low prices
and they succeeded, the merchants of Beirut couldn't sell a lot of the Fruits that started to rot, so the merchants of Aleppo came from Syria, and bought everything they have, and saved Beirut merchants, and they gone to Aleppo and the turkey ship gone back to Turkey.

The Turkey ship name was "Rosana", and so the Lebanese wrote the Rozana song as a thank Aleppo merchants, and then it became very popular.

"It is a folk song belongs to the region of Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. The story behind it is that at the height of the intense wheat famine that the region experienced at the beginning of the 20th century, and Italian ship called "The Rosanna" was said to have been sent by Turkey, carrying food to the starving population of the Levant. Everybody was waiting in anticipation for the ship's arrival, but when it finally landed as the story goes in the song, it was carrying nothing but apples and grapes, of the foods that the region was actually overflowing with at that time. The people cursed the ship for this reason.

How many of Lebanese people have had all of their rosy dreams met with dark disappointment, and all their hopes were squandered on an endless range of despair, frustration and helplessness, but the Aleppo merchants saved them.

Here are the lyrics.

Oh the Rosanna, the Rosanna,

everything good is inside her
What has the Rosanna done?
God punish her!
Oh the Rosanna the Rosanna,

 all happiness is inside her
What has the Rosanna done?
God punish her

Hey you who are going to Halab, my love went with you
Hey you who are carrying grapes and on top of that apples
Everyone is with their beloved and my beloved has gone
Oh lord, may the breeze bring my lover back to me

I won't live in Beirut, because my nostalgia is there

 Oh my lover is in Halab,

Inside you is my love, you who are going there,

Bring him my message, bring my lover back to me

Only for an hour

Everyone is with his lover and mine has gone

Oh lord, may the breeze bring my lover back to me

by the rosana, by the rosana, all the happiness came with it
but what did the rosana actually do, may god punish it

oh you who is going back to hamah, please keep me on your mind
Two thirds of my mind have gone the way your girl have gone

I swear to you by everything Precious, and the source of your drinking water
our water is from Orontes River, the drink of the Mandarins

I won't live in Beirut, because my nostalgia is there

 Oh my lover is in there,


Oh the Rosanna, the Rosanna,

Everything good is inside her
What has the Rosanna done?
God punish her!
Oh the Rosanna the Rosanna,

At last I say: Do you remember, or you have forgotten, Turkey or the Ottoman Empire, wished to bankrupt the merchants in Beirut, but merchants of Aleppo saved them.

 Turkeynow robbed around 1,000 factories with all their equipment and machines in Aleppo city, and smuggling them into the Turkish territories, Turkey is still the same, but where are the merchants of Lebanon?????

Butheina Al-Nounou

In supporting of the homeless

Recently,  Al-Seweida governorate has witnessed a special movement, arranged to support displaced Syrians in the governorate, namely the children.

 The action organized by the Psychological support center at Al-Seweida, aimed at joining efforts through  national unity to offer all out aid for the homeless in the governorate.

The center being affiliated to the Rome Orthothox Archbishopric in both Al-Seweida and Horan, have exerted intensive energies to ensure monetary founds for further than 140 homeless families all over the governorate’s various villages, including educational costs for the families' children.

"The center also worked on raising the homeless health awareness through organizing special lectures on this subject." stated Center Raghda al- ashhab Director.

She also declared that the center will carry out a new survey counting  homeless families number and their financial position in order to recommend all-out support.

For his part, the Archbishop Saba Esber praised the center, referring to its essential role in enhancing national unity among various Syrian citizens to well face their homeland's current crisis. He likewise donated some presents to the homeless children during the activity.

 On the occasion, the Patriarch also called on all Syrians to unify their stance concerning their brothers support, asserting the importance of adhering to tolerance, as well as to brotherhood ties at this critical time. 

 Nahla Maaz – Al-Seweida governorate for Syriatimes   

Wishing to you happy Eid


The Muslim world will celebrate Eid al-Adha ( Feast of Sacrifice), In Syria it is celebrated with great affection, Many people prepare sumptuous meals for family and friends and decorate their homes.

What is common in Eid festivities is the hospitality and generosity of Syrian people, Firstly, to gather at the father and mother home, after the Eid prayers, young children in their new clothes, line up in front of each adult family member, to take Eidi, that mean to take money, as a gift by every elder in the family, kids are allowed to spend their money as they want on Eid day.

In every street there are game shops, mobile, computer café, food shops, outdoor rides like see-saw, pirate-ship, ferrous-wheel, etc, all these games are setup for kids to have fun all day. People pay a visit to their relatives, and friends, some go to picnic, in the parks or the seaside all this to enjoy and relax.

That was the Eid in Syria before the crisis, but how is our Eid now:

I've met a lot of people, and asked them about their feeling towards the Eid now, all of them, have sadness, shock disbelief, helplessness, and anger, of what is happening to Syria and Syrians, a lot of deaths, a lot of destruction, and a lot of displaced people.

 A mother asked me: what do you feel if you lost your child, I've lost my child, he was too young to die, I feel that it isn't fair, I feel that everyone should live his life, except if God took him, why they are killing the children?  I miss him, he was waiting the Eid to come, he wanted to ride a horse in Eid, and he wanted to play football with his friends, she couldn't speak more.

I feel her sadness, I can't take away her tears, I don't know what to say,  I wish I can share part of her wrenching pain, I wish I can bring her child back to her again, oh my God there are a lot of pain, so much tragedies, in Syria.

I know that no one can take away the suffering of people, but we must help each other, we must really try to feel the pain of people, especially in Eid al-Adha ( Feast of Sacrifice), to make sad people feel that you are really with them, waiting for them to get back on their feet again.

Mother Teresa said:

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.”

When we are born, there's only one thing all of us having in common, we are going to die, we live a short life, we must do something good to others, no matter what car we drive, or how much money we have in the bank, they are meaningless compared of being human, I know you will feel happy by sharing people, their sadness and happiness, don't waste the opportunity, you are still alive, and the Eid is coming, you can change the life of a child with a smile, no matter what problems you have, they could be worse, at least you are living in a home, and many people without, or maybe you have a family who are willing to support you, but many haven't now, if you are healthy, thank God, it is enough to live happy, because many have lost their health.

 At last I say as our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

Smiling in your brother’s face is an act of charity.
So is enjoining good and forbidding evil,
giving directions to the lost traveler,
aiding the blind and
removing obstacles from the path.

Butheina Al-Nounou


I love Syria


What do I love about Syria? I love the land, one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries in the world (and I've visited many of them). I love walking our lovely beaches, get over our mountains, seeing the desert skies, walking beside the rivers, swimming and sailing in Lattakia's sea! my beloved Syria "O very beautiful for vast skies, for amber wavering grain, for mountain majesties, above the fruited farms." I love our many diverse cultures, including their music, their food, their art, their sports, and their particular stories and histories.

I especially love our best national values: freedom, opportunity, community, justice, human rights, and equality under the law for all of our citizens of every race, creed, culture, and gender, not just for the rich and powerful.

Two and half years ago Syria was a very beautiful and peaceful place. The mosques call to prayer and the peal of church bells mingled above the buildings of Syria, the world’s oldest continually inhabited capital city, where Syrians liked to boast that Christians and Muslims, as well as people from other sects, they lived side by side in peace and love. People bustled through the markets. Women could stay out safely alone past midnight. Men played backgammon on the pavements with their neighbors, young men played rummy with their friends, even the children they could play safely in the streets. The Syrian accent, spread through the region by the country’s soap operas and drama, conveyed hospitality and simplicity to fellow Arabs.

Syrians take pride in their colorful history. Ancient buildings fill the landscape in old Damascus, from crusader castles to the exquisite Umayyad Mosque, the architectural masterpiece of an empire centered on Damascus that once stretched through north Africa and up into Spain.

I think millions of people, who came to our country have visited Al-Hamidiyah Souk, which is the largest and the central Souk in Syria, it is one of the most important milestones of ancient and modern Damascus where many historical events took place, hundreds of years ago making it a tourist attraction and a very famous market at the same time. I want to ask the millions of Arabs who visited this Souk, if you have forgotten all the beautiful things in our country, can you forget this special Souk, or the prayer in the Umayyad Mosque?.

 Before this crisis in my country, I used to go with my friends, not only to buy things, or to pray in the Umayyad Mosque, but also to watch the hundreds of people, who came from all around the world, specially to this Souk, you know, when we came back home, we feel as if we were in a journey around the world.

Where once you arrive in the souk, you can hear the voices of sellers welcoming its visitors and attracting them to their two-story shops spreading along the two sides of the road separated by archeological pillars decorated with luminous lamps. While you are passing through the souk, you can imagine an aesthetic picture encompassing all the values and elements of enthusiasm and suspense inspired by the alleys of the market which have different names according to the commodity they are specialized in selling. Some of the most important commodities of the market are the oriental artifacts such as mosaic paintings, copper tools, al-Aghabani (a type of cloth), silk, Arab carpets and others.

The people of Syria were also as mosaic paintings, they were the most wonderful treasures featured in around the world.

Did you remember the Umayyad Mosque, where you prayed after your visit to the Souk, I want you to pray with me now, for peace in Syria:

Our God, you witness the war in Syria, we beg you to bring peace to our beloved country, we pray for all who are working for peace, for all the leaders in the world, who hold a thread of control and power, for the religious leaders, to help the citizens who want peace and love.

We beg you God to bring unity to Syrians, to save their country from destruction, to bring reconciliation through truthful dialogue.

Oh my God, we witness now struggles within families, after we were all one family, we pray for the divided family in Syria, to put their hands together to build Syria.

We beg you God to replace love and compassion, in those who have darkened minds, and those who have hate-filled their hearts.

We pray in the name of God, our source of inspiration and confidence, our source of light and love.  Amen.

Butheina Al-Nounou