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Charities in Homs

Charities have become a major keystone in the Syrian society. It could pass the birth period with positive results to reach a stage of maturity in work, goal and result.

In Each province there are a lot of associations that provide assistance to a particular category, whether children, beggars or people with incurable diseases.

The State has also made great efforts to finance the work of these associations since it believes that development no longer means economic development only but it does mean also creating human-centered integrated system depending on Man's participation and utilization from the development process.

Syrian abductees and detainees No.1 priority

The file of abductees and detainees has become number one on the priorities list of the national reconciliation process that goes hand in hand with the Syrian army's military operations against terrorist organizations nationwide. 

As many as 4000 abductees were released in 2014, a source at the national reconciliation committee in the People's Assembly [Parliament] told the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper last year.

Homs Old Clock Ticks Again

Homs is rising up again... Its old clock ticks the life resurrection of the old city and revives life in the hearts of hundreds of the city people who had gathered to witness their city symbol beating with life again.... Everyone stressed that the clock beats declare the return of all aspects life to the old city which has suffered a lot from terrorism and a serious beginning of building and construction process.

ESFS Marks Martyrs’ day in Brussels

BRUSSELS, (ST)_ On the occasion of Syrian Martyrs’ day, a delegation of the European Solidarity Front for Syria (ESFS) met on Tuesday with the honorable representative of the Syrian Arab Republic at the European Union in Brussels, Mrs. Khouzama Mustafa.

The ESFS delegation reiterated its support for the struggle of the Syrian people against international terrorism and honored the martyrs of the Syrian nation.

Youths the Beating Heart of the Homeland

Within the framework of its social and cultural activities and with the purpose of disseminating youths' awareness about the importance of voluntary work in building societies, the national civil society association "Souriabtjmana" (Syria Brings us Together) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education recently launched a new project called "Youths, the Beating Heart of the Homeland".

The three-year project, which targets high school students, includes workshops, lectures and dialogue sessions aiming to enhance the culture of volunteering and humanitarian work at schools.  

MP Fatmeh Khamis to ST: Turkish and Gulf regimes to be thrown into dustbin of history

Undoubtedly,the terrorist organizations operating in Syria are unable to make any gain during the ongoing war without full support from the Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and Jordanian regimes and from some western and regional intelligence agencies that have been involved in the war.

The terrorists' capture of northwestern city of Idlib on March 28th ,2015, was supported by the Turkish regime, which facilitated the flow of thousands of terrorists into Idlib city, for making political and military gain that comes within the plans of the US administration and Israel.

"It was not only the Turkish regime that supported the attack on Idlib city, but also the US and Israeli intelligence agencies ,"  the MP Fatmeh Khamis confirmed, clarifying that local sources told her that huge number of terrorists entered the city with support from Turkey.

MP Cathrine Deeb to ST: Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of whole world and it has offered a lot of martyrs

Over the past weeks, the self-proclaimed Islamic State also known as ISIS has escalated its attacks on several areas in the oil-rich north-eastern province of al-Hassaka, killing and wounding scores of innocent civilians.

The terror organization [ISIS] exploded on March, 20, 2015 two car bombs during the Kurdish new year festivities [Newroz] in al-Mufti quarter in Hassaka city, killing at least 37 persons and wounding 96 others.

While on February 23, 2015, the ISIS terrorists attacked several Assyrian villages on the outskirts of Tal Tamr area, which lies near Ra'as al-Ein city, in the western countryside of Hassaka and abducted 220 Assyrian Christians, who were reportedly taken to al-Shdadi city, which is the ISIS main stronghold in Hassaka countryside.