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Anas Joudeh: President Al-Assad is defending all Syrians and preserving the unity of the state institutions

Anas Joudeh, 40 year-old, lawyer formed recently the opposition Damascus –based Nation Building Movement (Syrian Nation Builders) speaks to the Syria Times.

The Syria Times continues field interviews with Syrian Opposition figures; Anas Joudeh, 40 year-old, lawyer formed recently the opposition Damascus –based Nation Building Movement (Syrian Nation Builders)

What is your vision as to put an end to the crisis in Syria?

We can put tracks of solutions. The political solution is to engage all political forces and groups, which believe in the political peaceful solution. We all should agree on a principle of no winner and no loser.

International Women's Day

In celebration of the International Women's  Day, the Syria Times Online publishes the following landmark speech by the late President, Hafez Al-Assad:

Speech Delivered by H.E President Hafez Al Assad on 8.3.1989 Commemorating the 26th Anniversary of the 8th of March Revolution and Opening the 5th General Conference of Women Union

 Comrade members of the conference,

 Ladies and gentlemen,

 With great pleasure I salute you and warmly welcome the delegations who responded to the invitation. I wish all the members a good and pleasant stay in our country. I am also pleased that the opening of this conference coincides with the 26th anniversary of the March revolution. This synchronization symbolizes the unbreakable bond between the revolution and the rising movement of women.

 The greatest development achieved by women in Syria was an outcome of the women struggle and in response to the support their struggle received from the party leadership and state under the 8th of March revolution. This response emanated from the thought and conviction of the revolution that women constitute a pillar of life and society and no life or progress is possible without them. Women are the second essential part of society and we should elevate them to create the opportune circumstances to make them fully involved in society.

 There are clear and precise stipulations enjoined in the constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic which are based on logical grounds taking into account the human, moral, and national dimensions which converge on an inevitable interrelation between men rights and women rights.

17.000 families benefit from 'Ahl al-Sham' initiative

The 'Ahl al-Sham' initiative held Saturday a celebration in the Luxury Palace in Damascus to show its works and relief and development activities held last year.

The celebration's program included a film talked about the destruction and people's displacement resulted from the terrorist organizations' acts nationwide.

Legends of Kwers

Three years under the siege..

 There…. where the stars and the moon fall asleep relieved by the eyes guarding destiny and the sun shines freely giving warmth to the rifles that guarding the home and the earth that blooms roses from the blood of martyrs and the wounded.  

There…… where is the factory of challenge and patience,  lived men who believed in victorious homeland and dignified life..

Bashar Al -Assad symbol of Syrian demographic and geographic unity

Omar Ose, a Syrian Kurd Member of the People Assembly (Parliament) and Chairman of the Reconciliation Committee in it. He is the president of the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds, an opposition group.  Omar Ose speaks to the Syria Times.

What are  your main positions about Syria and the ongoing?

The Syrian President Bashar Al -Assad is a symbol of the Syrian demographic and geographic unity. Without the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Syria is going to be another Somalia or Yugoslavia.

The Syrian Arab Army contains in its ranks all the Syrian ethnics and segments of society.

Self-defense units to be most powerful support for Syrian army

In just few months, thousands of Syrian young men and women have joined the self-defense units [self-protection units] to take part in defending the homeland and fighting against terrorism.

The young men and women undergo military training to carry out any mission entrusted to them to protect public and private properties in their areas and on frontlines.

The Tishreen newspaper reported Sunday that the 4th batch of self-defense units in Damascus countryside was graduated on Jan.9.2016 after a week-long training on combat skills.

Syrian martyrs' names on saplings during Arbor Day celebrations

Tree-planting campaigns in Syria have continued in cooperation with civil society. 

Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Nazira Sarkis, has underscored the need for supporting youth initiatives that aim to develop society and raise people's awareness in all fields.

The minister sees that the current voluntary experiences in Syria has positive effects and requires continuous support, according to the al-Thawra newspaper [Arabic newspaper].