"Hand in Hand to Build New Hope"

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Under the slogan "Hand in Hand to Build New Hope", the First Damascus Countryside Festival for Culture, Heritage and Arts opened recently in the city of Jaramana with a message that life and invention continues in Syria despite the terrorist takfiri aggression which aims to destroy the Syrian state and break the will of the Syrian people.

Some Opposition Groups support and participate in the Parliamentary elections

 The Syrian local opposition parties and figures are participating strongly in the 13 April Parliamentary Elections. Big numbers of opposition leaders and figures put their names for candidacy to became Members in the People of Assembly (Parliament).

Dr. Elian Mousa’ad, the Secretary General of National Congress for Secular Syria, spokesman of the Syrian National Action Commission (a coalition of 15 opposition groups and parties).

Dr. Elian is the Head of the Syrian Local Opposition Delegation to Geneva political talks is a candidature for the parliamentary election, which scheduled to be held on April 13.

Dr. Elian expressed the opposition support and participation in voting and candidature in the parliament election. He is an independent candidate for the parliamentary election on the Damascus City’s A List.

“ We (the opposition) are supporting all peaceful political talks among Syrians. We supported the presidential elections and today we express our support the constitutional measure of parliamentary election although we have some comments on the current constitution,” Dr. Elian Mous’ad said to the Syria Times in an interview in his clink.

“ I hope from the Syrian government to run a fair and transparent parliamentary election to give a good sign to the Syrian opposition and the world,” he added.

The Syrian local oppositions called the new elected Member of the People Assembly to adhere to the Syrians’ aspirations and concerns.

Mazen Bilal, the leader of the opposition Syrian Secular Democratic Movement said that the coming parliamentary elections will not affect on the ongoing Geneva political talks because these talks will take long time.

Mr. Bilal, who is a member in the Syrian local opposition delegation to Geneva, waters down from the critics on the elections.

We should keep and protect the parliamentary legitimacy to keep the state organizations and departments. We should preserve and defend the Syrian state,” Bilal said to Syria Times.

Obaida al-Mohammad






Activities to disseminate awareness about autism

On the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day, There have been several activities in Hasaka, Damascus and Lattakia cities to explain how to support children with autism.

The Directorate of Social Affairs in Hasaka city held Wednesday a symposium, which included a stage show performed by children from Institute for Deaf and Dumb in the city plus a distribution of prizes and clothes among children, according to the official news agency (SANA).

Glimpsing of light emanates from the Blind Association

The volunteer work is one of the most noble qualities that characterize communities. As a concept, it is when the individual by passes his own self and his own requirements for the sake of the society's need.

It is the highest sense of responsibility and an important indicator of the individual's belonging to the group, and his willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of the community.

Anas Joudeh: President Al-Assad is defending all Syrians and preserving the unity of the state institutions

Anas Joudeh, 40 year-old, lawyer formed recently the opposition Damascus –based Nation Building Movement (Syrian Nation Builders) speaks to the Syria Times.

The Syria Times continues field interviews with Syrian Opposition figures; Anas Joudeh, 40 year-old, lawyer formed recently the opposition Damascus –based Nation Building Movement (Syrian Nation Builders)

What is your vision as to put an end to the crisis in Syria?

We can put tracks of solutions. The political solution is to engage all political forces and groups, which believe in the political peaceful solution. We all should agree on a principle of no winner and no loser.

International Women's Day

In celebration of the International Women's  Day, the Syria Times Online publishes the following landmark speech by the late President, Hafez Al-Assad:

Speech Delivered by H.E President Hafez Al Assad on 8.3.1989 Commemorating the 26th Anniversary of the 8th of March Revolution and Opening the 5th General Conference of Women Union

 Comrade members of the conference,

 Ladies and gentlemen,

 With great pleasure I salute you and warmly welcome the delegations who responded to the invitation. I wish all the members a good and pleasant stay in our country. I am also pleased that the opening of this conference coincides with the 26th anniversary of the March revolution. This synchronization symbolizes the unbreakable bond between the revolution and the rising movement of women.

 The greatest development achieved by women in Syria was an outcome of the women struggle and in response to the support their struggle received from the party leadership and state under the 8th of March revolution. This response emanated from the thought and conviction of the revolution that women constitute a pillar of life and society and no life or progress is possible without them. Women are the second essential part of society and we should elevate them to create the opportune circumstances to make them fully involved in society.

 There are clear and precise stipulations enjoined in the constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic which are based on logical grounds taking into account the human, moral, and national dimensions which converge on an inevitable interrelation between men rights and women rights.

17.000 families benefit from 'Ahl al-Sham' initiative

The 'Ahl al-Sham' initiative held Saturday a celebration in the Luxury Palace in Damascus to show its works and relief and development activities held last year.

The celebration's program included a film talked about the destruction and people's displacement resulted from the terrorist organizations' acts nationwide.