600 persons from restive area complete military training to support Syrian army

Around 600 persons from the eastern Ghouta of Damascus have completed a military training course in Damascus countryside in order to take part in defending the homeland alongside the Syrian army.

Those persons, who voluntary joined the course of self-protection, will protect towns and governmental institutes to which peace and stability restored in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, the Governor of Damascus Countryside Hussein Makhlouf said during the graduation ceremony of the 8th batch of self-protection groups on Sunday.

Child labour in Syria

The 63-month long crisis in Syria has led to the increase of the child employment rates in the country besides the recruitment of children by terrorist organizations in the areas held by them.

The outbreak of child labour phenomena in Syria resulted from the change of living conditions, according to chairperson of the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs Hadil al-Asmar.

She was quoted on the official news agency (SANA) as saying that efforts must be unified to protect children and to guarantee their rights through drawing up plans in accordance with the Syrian law.

Her remark was made during a workshop held Sunday in the 'al-Sham' Hotel in Damascus on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labour.

Civil Syria Association holds 2nd workshop entitled 'women from my homeland’

The Civil Syria Association held Saturday the second workshop entitled 'Women from my homeland’ with the participation of 80 women from all Syrian provinces.

The participants discussed several issues related to the role of woman in politics, restoration of security and peace, law, education and art, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency reported that the participants agreed on forming women's groups working in political, social, economic and cultural fields to enhance woman's role in these fields.

The Blooding Sea

Today is a different day in the sea coast cities. It is not like the other usual days.

In the past days everyone was waiting for the arrival of the martyrs’ convoys from the different regions of the homeland coming along with the banners of victory and liberation. But today the bodies of the martyrs were from here, from the convoys of waiting. The poor and good people who sent their sons to defend us and to be in peace.

Today's the news has a different face and the consolation has a different way .In the past, they used to receive dispatches of the fronts telling them about the news..

Syrian boy regains his sight thanks to 'Breeze of Hope' project

The Syrian boy, Kheder Ghazal, who lost his sight in a terror mortar fireon Talleh town in Lattakia countryside has regained his eyesight after he underwent a surgery comes within the charity works of the 'Breeze of Hope' project [Nasmet Amal project] launched by the Syrian businessman Mazen al-Tarazi.

The boy's story was narrated during the activity held Sunday in the Damascus Opera House under the title 'Syria's eyes' in the presence of the Presidential Media and Political Advisor Dr. Bothaina Shaaban, the Republic's Grand Mufti Sheikh Badereddin Hasson, several ministers, clergymen, members of parliament and media figures.

New opposition front formed in Syria

A new opposition front that seeks to build a modern, democratic and secular state based on new constitution has been formed in Syria, according to the Damascus-based al-watan  newspaper.

The paper reported that opposition political forces, licensed parties, civil commissions, women's organizations and several members of the internal opposition delegation to Geneva talks formed on Saturday the 'Secular Democratic Front', which wants a semi-mixed parliamentary system in accordance with a new constitution.

The political program of the new front and its plan to end the crisis are based on forming a wide democratic national front, reaching rapprochements between opposition and government with internal and international guarantees and drawing up a new constitution by a temporary democratic national unity government.

Outcry for Humanity

It is the grace and bestowal from God that we were born human beings. Humanity does not only mean to be human by birth but by innate nature too. It involves many traits like love, affection, compassion, forgiveness, philanthropy, mercy, altruism, respect, fraternity, non- bigotry, morality and justice. All holy books call for the same sublime and humane message which is love.

Whether you are Muslim or non Muslim, pauper or loaded, black or white, humanity remains the major and indivisible component of you character. Never let your doctrine, faith, tribe, beliefs, convictions and sect excoriate you from your humanity because we are all human beings living on the same planet breathing the same air and ultimately we are all mortal albeit the fact that we do not have the same horizon. We must let our humanity judge our personality.