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Mirvat Jamoul a Distinguished Example of the Challenge of Disability

SWEIDA, (ST)-Mervat Jamoul, a blind young girl from the Syrian city of Sweida, has challenged her disability and overcome difficulties to reach an advanced academic degree and become a distinguished successful person.

'Mother Syria' Group holds its founding conference in Damascus

The 'Mother Syria' Group, which seeks to take part in rebuilding Syria and to achieve local reconciliations, has held its founding conference in Damascus, according to the official news agency (SANA).

 The agency quoted the group's head Dr. Mahmod al-Irq as saying –during the conference held yesterday in the Omayad Hotel in Damascus- that the current circumstances necessitate the foundation of groups as the individual work is fruitless.

Dr. al-Irq asserted the Syrian people's unity in confronting the plots that aim to destroy the homeland.

Gunmen's leaders hinder reconciliation in Aleppo - Haidar

Minister of State for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar has said that huge pressures are being put on gunmen by their leaders in order to prevent them from turning themselves in accordance with the amnesty offered by President Bashar al-Assad by the end of last week.

He confirmed that some gunmen from Aleppo turned themselves in -so far -and the number of abductees in the country is still 15.000, according to the Damascus-based al-Watan news paper.

The paper indicated that the minister is visiting Aleppo to discuss the issue of reconciliation there.

“Children of the Sun” Initiative to Support Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers’ Children

HOMS, (ST)- The National Union of Syrian Students recently launched a campaign entitled "Children of the Sun" in several cities including Homs to provide psychological support to the children of martyrs and wounded Syrian Army personnel.

The campaign includes several activities covering the domains of music, sports, drawing, handicrafts and computer courses, in addition to other activities including psychological support and courses to teach Arabic and foreign languages.

First Lady: Caring for Orphaned Children One of Most Sublime Humanitarian Deeds

DAMASCUS, (ST)- First Lady Mrs. Asma Al-Assad has stressed the important role being played by orphanages in support for the psychological, health and educational status of orphans and to help them be effective people in society.

Orthodox Church in Lattakia delivers food to Muslim fasters

Since the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan [Fasting month], Georgette and a group of women- from various religions and sects-have started to prepare food in the kitchen of the 'Barbara' church in Lattakia city for Ramadan fasters. 

The preparation of hundreds of meals for Ramadan fasters everyday in the church is an initiative launched by the Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East for Roman Orthodox in cooperation with local community in the city of Lattakia.

This initiative, whichis one of a lot of initiatives lunched in several provinces in Syria since the start of Ramadan month, aims to deliver meals to displaced persons in Lattakia plus the locals there, according to the Lebanese Assafir  newspaper.

The Syrian Pioneer Center

Just as the care of the tree starts from the first seed and the land in which this seed is sowed... the community building starts from the individual at the beginning of the first stages of his life

Taking care of the child and the young, who are the backbone of the community structure, is the goal of the Syrian Pioneering center, which cares for the child and the young man from the age of 6 until 18 by adopting scientific methods to enhance and strengthen his skills and behaviors that qualifying him to play a leading role in society...

It is a leading idea in the field of education and rehabilitation we discussed with Mrs. Reem Khaddour who created the idea of establishing the center.

Mrs. Khaddour said : "the main point of the Syrian pioneering program is to create a conscious pioneering generation who is able to take key decisions in his life on the one hand and carries the responsibility of the community in the future on the other hand. It's the first of its kind in Syria, the first program directed to children that addresses the behaviors and skills since childhood.

So the idea of the program is to start with the children since the first years of their life and provide them with all the basic skills and behaviors".

"We design a program for this child that accompanied him and grows up with him, to handle all the gaps facing him.. When the child's age becomes 18 this young man has already become a leader in everything and proactive in the community. He knows how to communicate with others properly and enjoy a good citizen.

Furthermore, he is not only successful and ahead in his studies, but he is also capable of designing his own programs.

At the same time, where we work to develop the skills and behaviors of the child, the child also experiences a set of values.

She said: "We have divided the program into age groups as follows:

From 6 to 8, we call him the Researcher Pioneer. In this age the child learns the skill of searching for information. How he finds the information and transmit it through a good language and correct pronunciation that enable him to communicate properly with others.

From the age of 9 to11 we called him the Thinker Pioneer, where the child learns at this age the basic and upper thinking skills including the skills of creative and critical thinking.

At the age of 12 to 14 we have the pioneer who solves problems and little media. At this stage, the child is poised to be the spokesperson for the program. We teach him media skills; how to write news or to make an interview, of course all of this will be done under the supervision of specialists in this field.

Children from age 15 to age 18 are called the Executor Pioneers.

At this stage, children learn entrepreneurship and how they design and implement projects ".

Mrs. Khaddour went on to say: "As we said earlier this program is processing with the child through a trip of values. Each month we focus on one value only to be enhanced for them and thank God we were able to achieve great success in this field. The child now knows the meaning of values and convey the impact of these values to the society. Our children have become values transmitters".

About the various activities carried out by the Centre, Mrs. Khaddour told us: "Our program is a national project for all children where we offer psychological support and various mental and behavioral skills. The Centre's work emerges from a two-pronged mechanism. The first one is summed up in its being special to the Syrian pioneering on the one hand and is also a center for training and designing programs on the other hand. We do our best to create further cooperation relations with the different governmental and civilian societies in our city Lattakia and in the other Syrian cities.

The social research department at the center is designing programs and running out special courses according to community needs dealing with the different Social and family problems.

"The process of construction that we are embarking upon against the great mass of infrastructure,cities and facilities we will build a new generation to get the integrated community regarding both the stone and humans, "Mrs. Khaddour concluded.

Amal Farhat -from Lattakia to the Syria Times