The return of the soul

Homs today is  on a new date with calm, security and safety. It is on a date with the return of the soul again where the last batch of gunmen had left al Wa'er district.

It could be said that the last part of the cancer, which rooted  and spread in the side of the city is now eradicated and the city is going to be healed from.

SIIB Honors 50 Martyrs' Families

On the occasion of Mother's Day, Syrian International Islamic Bank (SIIB) honored Wednesday 50 martyrs' families at al-Assad Library in Damascus.

The honoring ceremony, held under the banner 'Syria is Martyrs' Mother', included national songs, artistic show and speeches delivered by Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mrs. Rema Qadri and SIIB's Executive President Mr. Abdul Qader al-Dwek.

Mrs. Qadri asserted the need to support martyrs' families, who come within the priorities of Syrian government, pointing out that part of the work of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is to stimulate civil society and economic sectors to support those families.

'Al-Waed al-Sadiq' Institute Gathers Several Wounded Syrian Soldiers and Civilians in Film

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of its foundation, the 'al-Waed al-Sadiq' Institute [Honest Promise Institute] organized Monday an activity in the Damascus Opera House where several wounded Syrian soldiers and civilians narrated how they were injured  during the ongoing terror war on the country.

The narration came within a film entitled 'Half Moon' directed by Waddah Shahin, who declared that the wounded soldiers and civilians are the 'luminous half on the ground ' and they have a strong determination and full of optimism.

The audiences sensed this determination and optimism and clapped thunderously while the wounded soldiers and civilians were narrating how they were injured.

Syrian Women Turned Pains of War into Hope

Syrian women have never skimped on their homeland and they have been active in urging their sons to defend the homeland, which is more precious than anything else. They have worked in all fields of life challenging difficult circumstances the country is going through.

This is what Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rema Qadri said during a press conference held Wednesday in Damascus on the occasion of the International Women's Day (IWD), which is celebrated on March 8 every year.

The Minister made it clear that Syrian women have offered a different kind of confrontation manifested in their diligent and serious work , saluting the Syrian women who translated steadfastness into action and gave outstanding examples of success and work.

Effective Participation of Women in Political Life Indicates Progress of Society

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Effective presence of women in the political life of a country indicates the progress of its society, participants in a workshop, organized by the Ministry for National Reconciliation Affairs in Damascus, said on Monday.

Political empowerment of women and helping them to occupy decision-making positions were the main topics of the workshop which was held with the participation of representatives of civil society associations as well as political parties and social figures.

New Procedures Taken to Regulate work process in Homs

In the light of the crises experienced by Syria and in an attempt to regulate work mechanisms, construction and the ability to meet the needs of the citizens all over the country, the government has paid special interest for management and work development within the state's institutions.

From this point of view the Minister of Local Administration and Environment Engineer Hussein Makhlouf, issued resolution No.432, date of 06.02.2017 containing the appointment of Mr. Mohammed Hassan al-Najjar director of the city of Homs. The tasks of this newly created position in the province is to work as an executive management of the City Council's departments and setting the strategic plans for the work process within the administrative unit.

Syrian Government Keen on Reactivating Civil Society

Minister of State for Federations and Organizations Affairs Dr. Salwa Abdullah and members of the board of directors of the Syriac  archbishopric-affiliated Relief and Development Center have debated possibility of carrying out the center's programs during the current year.

The debate, held Thursday, comes within the government's plan to reactivate the role of civil society in the advancement of Syrian society, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted the minister as saying: " Relief and Development Center is a youth initiative that has a long experience in humanitarian work and it has carried out many projects as it has a big number of volunteers in different  fields such as supporting rural woman and offering medical services."