"Tasama" NGO in Lattakia Provides Vital Humanitarian Assistance to Families Affected by Crisis

The seven-year unjust war on Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis and any response to this war should be built on this principle. Local and civil society associations in the Syrian provinces are a vital partner to the Syrian government in many aspects mainly in confronting big challenges and difficulties.

Such societies and volunteer work are also the safety valve and supporting pillar of the country's security due the preventive and aid roles they play.

"The Syrian Rassemblement for Reform and Civil Society Participation" (Tasama ) in Lattakia province is one of the different civil society associations in Syria which provide vital humanitarian assistance and long-term care, mainly to the families affected by the crisis in Syria.

Workshop on Rehabilitating Children Recruited by Armed Groups

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs in cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) yesterday held a workshop on children rights plus child recruitment and ways to rehabilitate affected children and integrate them into society educationally.

Participants in the workshop, titled "how to deal with recruited children", stressed the importance of reactivating civil society work as to face the negative impacts of the crisis on the entire society, provide protection to children, prepare awareness programs and rehabilitate the children who were recruited in the areas held by the armed terrorist groups.

The Flower of victory

 I did not know that Euphrates would one day water the flowers of victory that spread throughout Syria.

I did not imagine that the water of the great Euphrates that grow up cotton and wheat and gives good and prosperity  to Syria will distribute flowers of victory and martyrdom to every part of the country.

The floods that cleaned  the desert from terror have left patches of pure water so that the anemones can sprout in the places where the martyrs have shed their sacred blood in the sand of those deserts.

From Deir al-Zour, this time, the rose of victory was flowered. The  flower that grew far away in the south in Al-Sweida city. The city of heroes , where the creators of independence and the struggle against French colonialism were born, on the land of Sultan Pasha Al-Atrash.

He moved to defend every spot in Syria that has been defiled by terrorism from the suburbs of Damascus to Homs ending in Deir al-Zour. There, where he spent three years of siege alone with a few men who did not give up or despair fighting terrorists and defending the dignity of their country. They remained steadfast  until the army arrived, the Syrian Arab Army which broke the siege and achieved victory.

The Lion of battles completed his victories. He said to all of those who met him: "I am here to make victory for Syria and its people ... I am here with my comrades, either a martyr or a victor".

Today he returns to the land of heroes as a martyr. He is received by the land of men, which has been known throughout the history  as the factory of heroes.

The martyr's wedding was first held in Damascus since he was its righteous son who grew up in its neighborhood then it moved to Sweida where he was born.

There the hero is buried alongside the heroes of Syria , the heroes of the history of victory and independence.

Sadness prevailed in every house in Syria for parting  the man whom they loved and emotionally involved in his ambitions and victories.

Euphrates as Barada and Al-Assi cried the loss of the hero just like the black stones there in Sweida where the martyr lies peacefully.

Peace and mercy be upon you Syria's dear martyr Major General Issam Zahruddin.

Amal Farhat – from Homs to the Syria times




Social Affairs Ministry, European NGOs Discuss Cooperation

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rema Qadri has discussed with a visiting delegation representing European Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) the prospects of cooperation.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the minister said that aid to be offered by the delegation’s members will help offer better services to Syrian people.

“The presentation made by the ministry during the meeting will be a search engine for cooperation with the delegation in order to fill any shortage,” Qadri declared, pointing out that there is a need to support development programs and activities to empower family and to offer all types of services to Persons with Disabilities and wounded Syrian soldiers.

"Let's Make Syria Beautiful" Clean-up Campaign by "Assawari" Civil Society Association in Lattakia

LATTAKIA, (ST)- Besides its many different activities that seek providing assistance mainly to children affected by the crisis in Syria, the "Assawari" civil society association in Lattakia recently launched  a clean-up, awareness and beautification campaign in the city under the slogan "let us make Syria beautiful" with the participation of more than 50 volunteers of different age categories.

The campaign, which is the first of its kind by the association, aims at disseminating awareness about protecting environment, maintaining cleanness and beautifying the streets of Lattakia. Bags for collecting the waste and leaflets encouraging cleanness and urging commitment to its rules were distributed to citizens in streets and public places. 

To shed light on the association's goals and activities, the Syria Times e-newspaper interviewed Head of "Assawari" Association, Mrs. Afnan Belal.

She said that under the slogan: "a smile, health, and education" the association was established in 2016 with the approval of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry.

Mrs. Belal clarified that the ongoing crisis in Syria has affected all walks of life in the country and caused suffering to all categories of the Syrian society, particularly children who are the major victims of the crisis.

Syria’s internal opposition endorse Astana 6

The Syrian internal opposition groups fully endorse the results of Astana’s sixth round on establishing a de-escalation zone in Idleb province and expressed their categorical rejection of the existence of any Turkish force in the Syrian territories.

The two-day sixth round of talks on Syria in Astana waskicked off on September 14with the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation headed by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari.

'Abaq al-Yasmine' carnival honors mother of 5 martyrs

The Citadel of Damascus, which protected the city in ancient centuries and was hit by mortar shells during the ongoing terror war on Syria, hosted yesterday the 'Abaq al-Yasmine' carnival.

The carnival, organized by the 'Syrian Eagles' team and the 'Mother of Martyr' Group , honored several actors, actresses, singers, and the mother of 5 martyrs Deya'a Abed al-Hamwi, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency reported that the carnival's program included national songs performed by 'al-Farah' Chorus and Circacsian dances that were received with warm applauses from audiences.

Over the past six years, a lot of activities have been held by government and Non-Governmental Organizations to honor martyrs' families and people, who played key role in defending the homeland in many fields.