Syria Trust for Development in Focus

“Syria is a trust and its development is a responsibility. Our vision is a nation that bears the positive energy of its people and our goal is to create a supportive environment to enable individuals in Syria to prosper and to participate in the social development of their societies,” this was confirmed by Mr. Hani Aqleh, director of Syria Trust for Development in the province of Lattakia to the Syria Times e-newspaper.

To know more about the foundation and its various activities, Mr. Aqleh said:”Syria Trust for Development is a 17-year-old institution.

Wounded Soldiers Recount Their Experiences

Over the past seven years of the unjust terrorist war imposed on Syria, many people, civilians and military personnel were martyred and many others got injured and became disabled. Thus, tremendous efforts by the government and civil society were needed to provide assistance to families of the martyrs and to the injured persons.

The Syriatimes e-newspaper met some injured army personnel and affected people to shed light on their heroism:   

Injured Colonel Ali Mohammad Sa’eed, who is known among his colleagues as the hawk of the infantry (ground troops) faculty in Aleppo province, told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that “Jabhet al-Nusra” terrorist group attacked the faculty in 12/12/2012 and during the clashes he was seriously injured.

He added that "my friends took me to the faculty’s dispensary to be treated, but fierce battles took place there so I was transferred to the central prison to get medical treatment. Also, the armed groups attacked the prison, kidnapped me and took me to a hospital run by the "Doctors Without Borders" organization (Médecins Sans Frontières). The terrorists tried to kill me by giving me potassium injections, the effect of which may cause sudden death, but thanks to God’s will, the injections were a sort of cure to my health condition as my body was in dire need for potassium due to heavy bleeding."

Volunteer Campaign Launched to Rehabilitate Ghouta Schools

DAMASCUS – Hundreds of Syrian youth and students have got dressed and put on work clothes, spread in a number of terror-affected schools and service centers in the Eastern Ghouta and started rehabilitation and maintenance and cleaning works with great vigor, SANA reported.

The campaign included the service centers in the towns of Kafr Batna, Ein Tarma, Zamalka, Saqba and Arbin, in addition to 2 schools in Daraya in the western Ghouta with the aim of rehabilitating schools, health centers, streets and public squares in the aforementioned areas.

Technical and Vocational Education Backs National Economy, Facilitates Youths' Access to Labor Market

 Technical and vocational education in Syria has been given special attention by the Syrian government due to its close link to labor market and important role in supporting national economy.

Within this framework, the central annual exhibition for vocational and technical education was recently held in Lattakia province to present the innovations and works of the students of all vocational and technical education schools and institutes in Lattkia and its countryside. 

To shed light on the exhibition and the importance of vocational and technical education,  "Syriatimes" e-newspaper interviewed Deputy Director of Education for Vocational and Technical Education in Lattakia, Eng. Na’ema Hamood, the direct supervisor of the three-day exhibition which was held under the title “Souria Arous Al-Majd” (Syria is the pride of glory).

Lattakia Attorney General to ST: New Kinds of Crime Appeared in Syria during Crisis

The crisis in Syria, caused by terrorist war on the country, has produced big challenges and difficulties which had bad consequences on the local community. Among these challenges have been the different kinds of crimes which increased remarkably in the early years of this crisis.

To shed light on this issue, "Syriatimes" e-newspaper interviewed Attorney-General in Lattakia province, Counselor Labib Alia.

"Crimes committed in Lattakia province aren’t very different from those committed in other Syrian provinces. However, during the current crisis in Syria new kinds of crimes emerged like dealing with and joining terrorist groups which have been killing the Syrians and wreaking havoc all over the country," Lattakia Attorney-General told the Syriatimes, stressing that new laws were issued to combat such crimes.

Syrian Family Planning Association in Lattakia

The Syrian Family Planning Association (SFPA) in Lattakia province is a leading civil voluntary agency playing a pivotal role in promoting awareness about family planning, improving the Syrian family’s conditions in all the Syrian provinces and deepening the family planning concept as one of the basic rights of human beings, according to Ghayath Zaybok, the SFPA Executive Director.

It spares no effort to encourage scientific research and studies on reproductive health plus family planning and to carry out training  courses, symposiums and workshops on these topics, Zaybok told Syriatimes e-newspaper, affirming the importance of voluntary work and cooperation by all categories of the Syrian society to face the challenges produced by the ongoing crisis in Syria particularly relating to population issues and family planning.

Foreign-Backed Terror War on Syria Fails to Undermine Syrian Women’s Steadfastness

Despite all attempts by conspirators against Syria to distort the image of Syrian women and to weaken them during the ongoing terror war, which is entering its eight year on March 15, women in Syria have proved to the whole world that they are able to be real and active partners in fighting terrorism and rebuilding the country.

The Syrian women have made significant contributions to building institutions during the times of peace and war. They are the bearers of knowledge and human resources management , Minister of administrative Development Dr. Salam Saffaf said during a speech she delivered during a celebration held on Thursday at the headquarters of the Ministry to mark the International Women’s Day (IWD).