Walk for Autism in Lattakia Sends Message that More Care Should be Given to Children with Autism

LATTAKIA-The Annual Walk for Autism has been organized by the Autism Society in Lattakia Province in cooperation with the Syrian Trust for Development, Italian organization of human land and the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs, SANA reported.

The walk sought to convey a message that more care and attention should be given to the children with disabilities, particularly those who are suffering from autism disorder.

Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors.

Because of the range of symptoms, this condition is now called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It covers a large spectrum of symptoms, skills, and levels of impairment.

ASD ranges in severity from a handicap that somewhat limits an otherwise normal life to a devastating disability that may require institutional care.

Civil Society Organizations' Relief and Development Work in Eastern Ghouta After Its Liberation from Terrorism

Civil Society Organizations operating in Syria have exerted tireless efforts and worked hard on ground in cooperation with the Syrian government’s establishments to meet citizens’ different needs and raise their awareness about the big challenges and difficulties Syria has been facing over the years of the terrorist war imposed on the country.

These organizations have been active in Syria's Eastern Ghouta since its liberation from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army a year ago to help the local community there restore normal and decent  life. They have been carrying out a number of relief activities and development programs in coordination with the Labor and Social Affairs Directorate of Damascus countryside. Such programs, which targeted different age categories, focused on relief work, support for micro-sized projects, vocational training, social protection and awareness campaigns.

"Various services have been provided by civil society organizations to citizens of Al-Ghouta. Psychological support programs and entertainment activities were carried out to help the children of Ghouta overcome the fear and anxiety they have suffered for years due to the terrorist groups’ crimes which also prevented them from their basic rights to play and learn”, Mrs. Fatima Al-Rasheed , Director of the Labor and Social Affairs Directorate in Damascus countryside told SANA correspondent .

Continuous Efforts to Integrate Kids with Autism and Down Syndrome into Society

LATTAKIA, (ST) - Better understanding of Down syndrome and autism and early intervention can greatly increase the quality of life for children and adults with this disorder and help them live fulfilling lives.

Civil society associations, which are specialized in taking care of children with autism and Down syndrome in different Syrian provinces, are working hard on ground to be a key partner of the Syrian government as to actively integrate these children into society and meet their special needs.

"Bashaer Al-Nour” civil society in Lattakia province is one of the different non government organizations working in Syria to provide vital therapeutic and psychological services to children with autism and Down syndrome. It was established in 2006 with the approval of Labor and Social Affairs Ministry as a non-profit civil society.

A New Government Gift for the War-Wounded in Homs

Homs, (ST)- A free dental clinic for the war wounded was recently opened by the Syrian Dentists’ Association at the headquarters of the “Steadfast Despite Wounds” Society.

The opening ceremony was attended by Head of Dentists’ Union in Syria Dr. Fadia Deeb, Director of Labor and Social Affairs Directorate in Homs, the head of Dentists’ Union in Homs, the wife of Homs Governor, a large number of dentists in Homs and a number of the wounded.

Dr. Deeb confirmed that this clinic will provide free medical services to the wounded with the presence of specialized dentists and volunteers under the supervision of the Association of Dentists.

On behalf of all the wounded in the governorate, the head and members of the “Steadfast Despite Wounds” Society expressed thanks to the Association of Dentists represented by Dr. Deeb for their great efforts to provide all the necessary medical services in the field of dentistry for the wounded who have offered great sacrifices for the sake of Syria's glory.


Amal Farhat - Homs

Honored Martyrs' Mothers: The Homeland's Peace and Stability Are More Precious than Our Sons' Blood

Marking Mother’s Day, the “Saedaat Souria Al-Kheer” Goup in Lattakia province recently held a ceremony to honor mothers of some Syrian Arab Army martyrs’ from different governorates.

Highlighting the event, the Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed some of the honored mothers and other participants who all underscored  that the Syrian women have been the symbol of steadfastness, patience and hope, stressing their determination to continue and complete the victories achieved thanks to the martyrs’ sacrifices in defense of the homeland.

Exhibition Showcasing Syrian Women's Creative Skills Held in Lattakia Marking International Women’s Day

Marking International  Woman’s Day, the Modernizing and Activating Women’s Role in Economic Development (MAWRED) Society recently held an exhibition in Lattakia province for handicrafts and traditional industries with the participation of different economic activities from several Syrian provinces.

MAWRED Society, whose headquarter is in Damascus, was established in 2003 with the aim of "developing and reactivating Syrian women’s role in the country's economic development, creating job opportunities for them and empowering them to play an active role in pushing the economic process forward," Mrs. Yasmina Azhari, Head of "MAWRED" said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Lecture on Syrian Women’s Role in Political Life and Decision-Making Held Marking International Women's Day

 Syrian women, in the past and present, have been considered as the symbol of the homeland and as an example to follow in commitment to principles and values”, Eng. Ghada Al-Assad, a social activist and a former member of the Lattakia Ba’ath Arab Socialist Party branch leadership, said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sidelines of a lecture she recently delivered on “the Importance of Syrian Women’s Role in Political Life and Decision-Making".

Eng. al-Assad, who is also Head of the Technical Office of Water Resources Directorate in Lattakia, delivered the lecture at “The Syrian Rassemblement for Reform and Civil Society Participation” (Tasama) in Lattakia province marking International Women's Day.

The lecturer reviewed the Syrian woman's position in history including in the legends and tales as goddess of war, love and fertility and as a creative spirit over thousands of years. In a later era in history, Eng. al-Assad said, the Syrian woman occupied a glorious position by becoming a queen. For example, Zenobia, the queen of Syria's Palmyra, was example of an ambitious and very brave queen with a strong personality.  Old kingdoms in Syria were also named after some women such as Ebla, Mary, Ugharit and Apamea, and even in religion there was a woman besides every prophet, the lecturer said, pointing out that the Syrian women enjoyed such a significant and respectable status while women in the then Arab Gulf were infanticide.