The Bleeding Story of Sadad

 The town of Sadad in Homs countryside was the target of a recent terrorist attack. I did not know this town before, but the martyr who came to the house next door to mine and his wounded associates made me interested to find out more details about this town and what had happened there.

"It is not coincidence that terror attacks this town. What had happened was a systematic plan drawn by these terrorist groups to fragment Syria's unity and territorial integrity and to destroy the pattern of co-existence and security the Syrians live in", one of the people said.

"I think that the attack and the acts of killing and destruction committed by the takfiri terrorists in this town were a dirty work which aimed at breaking up the state and displacing an important component of the Syrian society, the Christians. They first targeted Maloula and now Sadad," he added.

"What happened in our lovely town is but a heinous massacre which is beyond any description. They have perpetrated killing and sabotage acts under false pretexts and in the name of Islam forgetting that the teachings of Islam forbid killing or attacking others. They want to impose a new doctrine based on bloodshed, violence and eliminating the other", a woman said.

"Holy places and people's doctrines in this area have been protected over centuries. We have been enjoying security and peace and freedom to worship. We have to defend our Syria , our existence and to get rid of the terrorists and their ideology," the woman said firmly.

The attack did not affect the morale of the people of the town. Syrians, from all spectrums of society, defended Sadad as they refused to  get any part of Syria under the control of those takfiri  groups.

Tears mixed with much pride accompanied the procession of the martyr and mourners represented all spectrums of society .

"He was martyred while repelling the aggression targeting the people of Sadad and their historical church. By defending the church he was also defending  the town's mosques and coexistence," one of the martyr's comrades said.

"We are all ready to defend our Syria relentlessly whatever the sacrifices are. Our blood is a scapegoat for the soil of the homeland ," he stressed.

The comrades escorted the martyr to his final resting place and returned quickly to continue their sacred mission of defending the homeland and clearing it from terrorists. They stressed that they will spare no effort to terminate terrorism and restore peace and security to Syria.

Amal Farhat