'Massar Discovery Adventure' launched in Damascus


The Syria Trust for Development has launched the 'Massar Discovery Adventure' that aims at creating supportive environment for active learning for children aged 6-15 years.

The adventure is the first step in the 'Massar Rose Project' and it uses up-to-date technology and multiple learning styles based on notice, discovery and deduction to provide children with skills and knowledge that help develop their personalities and enhance their sense of belonging to the homeland and identity.

In addition, children could be active learners capable of investing principles and knowledge to serve themselves, their community and country, according to the adventure's goals.

Active learning

On Thursday, many children took part in the adventure at the Damascus Old Fairground where they toured 20 active discovery exhibitions in seven booths to have personal, social, national, environmental and scientific experiences that enable them to play active role in their homes, schools, quarters and areas.

"Beginnings", "Life", "our world", "ideas", "youth", "achievements", and "I'm able" are the titles chosen for the booths dedicated to help children know more about the Syrian fabric and about creatures, fossils, aromatic plants, the earth and the force of nature.

 The children will discover in the tour how they can develop their capabilities, turn their dreams into reality, and choose their goals and the course of their life as well as how decisions can change their future.


Mrs. Dania Ashi, Director of the "Massar Project", told reporters: "Now we can say that Massar Rose has become a reality thanks to the efforts of the team and volunteers… The process of building active Syrian child is a priority to be able to move to a better future."

Visiting times

"Families and their children can visit the adventure center everyday from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm except Fridays. The adventure is the first season of Massar Rose," Mrs.  Ashi said, adding: "In the next seasons, new active exhibitions are to be held every four months as the adventure is connected with the children friend centers, such as the one in Dwel'a area, to implement the activities there."

The Massar Rose project was designed to empower and strengthen the skill of the local community to improve their living conditions as well as to protect and revive the Damascene Rose type that grows in the region.

Massar, which is one of the Trust's projects, worked from 2005 to 2011 and effectively contributed to setting the Trust's new strategic plan.

The Trust is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2001 to empower individuals and communities in Syria to fulfill their role in building their society and shaping their future.

Basma Qaddour