The Negative Impact of Crisis on Children


Syriatimes reporter in Sweida  has carried out recently a meeting on current crisis negative impact on pre- school children.

A number of teachers and specialists at Tishreen Buds kindergarten assured that all the Syrian children have been critically affected by the ordeal of our homeland, namely the pre- school children.

Director of the kindergarten Samah Trabih said acts of terrorism that have been perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups have hurt our children's psychological and mental health.

'' The dire repercussions of the aggressive acts that have been practiced against our people   are very clear on our children's behavior. The reactions of our children are currently  revealing their confusion, fear and anger.'' she added, calling for exerting intensive efforts regarding halting the crisis negative impact on our children .

For her part, the psychological specialist Amani Zitoni, who is also a teacher at the kindergarten said I have noticed recently  a serious change in our children' ways of speaking, playing and communicating. She also reiterated that children's reactions, activities and behaviors are not normal.

'' our children, namely the homeless have paid the highest price due to our homeland's current crisis , they have been prevented from their rights , they have been forced to leave their houses and cities. They are the real victims of terrorism. ''Mrs Zitoni said, citing the homeless pressing need for psychological and social support.

During the meeting , Suzan Rkab a teacher in this field highlighted the governorate's efforts regarding supporting the children at its governmental kindergartens , especially the homeless.

The teacher assured that all the governmental kindergartens in the city expressed full readiness for ensuring a free participation for the martyrs' and homeless children.

With this in mind, the Women Union Branch in Sweida has carried out recently  a humanitarian  study on the homeless children humanitarian conditions as to accommodate  the pre- school homeless children with suitable kindergartens.

It is noteworthy that in the district of al- Quraia there is a special department that is allocated for tackling the serious psychological situation among the homeless children .

Finally, All teachers expressed concern over the future of the new generation, calling on all parents for giving priority for raising their children awareness regarding our homeland current crisis, through answering their questions. The specialists also called for taking into consideration the children's presence at homes, namely during watching news.

Nahla Maaz for Syriatimes – al- Sweida governorate