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Syrians' Unity and Solidarity

The displaced Syrians coming from other cities, especially from Aleppo, to the coastal city of Lattakia, were forced to leave their cities in fear of armed terrorist groups' heinous crimes and terrorism. The people of Lattakia have had different opinions about the coming displaced: they vary from welcoming those people ,due to the fact that Syria is for all of us and it is an obligation to welcome them , and complaining about the fear that some of them might be 'sleeping cells' who are plotting to destroy this city.

 Those displaced have conflicting views as satisfied and grumbling .Some of them found themselves a place provided by the official authorities as sheltering centers within the sport city ,a place that allows them to benefit from the aid and food packages regardless whether it is enough or not as it was reported . In contrast ,others were forced to secure a shelter by themselves ,because accommodation centers, on the one hand ,are not enough to house all of those displaced. The Syria Times interviewed ome of those who chose to live far from the accommodation centers . Hassan , a guy from Idlib who has been living here for a year and five months tells us that he and his family consisting of a wife and two little daughters live in a rented house in Basateen AlReehan neighborhood. He said that they are satisfied and feel comfortable . He adds that he pays a monthly rent of 8000 S.P ,which is an average rent because it is old compared to these days. "Thanks to the landlord who didn’t ask to raise the rent". knowing that Hasan is a seller in Halloum square with a  monthly income which is not more than 14000 S.P, Hassan describes the owner of the house as a man of consciousness .

 Khaled , who came from Aleppo nine months ago , complains about the way of living in the  city and the rise of prices which is no longer bearable considering the fact that there isn't a good job to get a decent income. He stresses that "there is no market here". He rented a shop naming it "Aleppo center" and brought all the goods he has in his original shop in Aleppo which were toys and gifts. Now he is about to close this shop because as he summarized his experience, it is better staying jobless," I opened a shop in an isolated area with a rent of 13000 S.P. It is expensive compared to the income which is no more than a quarter of the amount. Now  I am broken and going to close the shop .How are we going to live? We only have this country and may God be with us".

 As a Lattakian person Wael , a taxi driver ,said that the presence of those displaced here in Lattakia is better than leaving the country and living in an inhumane conditions. He adds that there is no difference between the people of the same country and the same may happen to me. As a result , I may need his help as he needed mine .He indicated that some of those who came from Aleppo and Homs are working as taxi drivers inside the city . 

Nisreen , who is working in a clothes store in AL-Mahata Street welcomed the displaced and stressed that most of them are suffering because the aid provided to them is not enough. She continues that some of them have no interest in politics or what is going on in their towns. So it is not their fault that the armed terrorist groups destroyed their life.

 The hope for going back to their houses  is what helps those people to go on in their daily lives regardless whether they are satisfied with their current life or not . 

Zainab Makhlouf