Social Affairs Ministry, Islamic Relief Organization in France Agree on Providing Aid to Crisis Victims

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Ministry of Social Affairs and the Islamic Relief Organization in France on Tuesday signed an agreement on conveying humanitarian aid to victims of the crisis in Syria.

The French organization is due to send the first of its aid convoys today which marks the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.

Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat said taht according to the agreement, the organization will provide assistance to orphans and will assess the needs of the families staying in temporary shelters.

She affirmed the ministry's keenness to facilitate and ensure the arrival of the aid to those who deserve wherever they are in Syria and in complete neutrality.

The Executive director of the French Islamic Relief Organization Muheddin Khladi pointed out that in the light of the agreement, the organization will try to enhance the abilities of the crisis-hit victims. It will also carry out water projects and provide food assistance represented in 10 thousand food baskets to help these families live better conditions.

The Islamic Relief Organization in France is one of the most notable five French organizations working in the humanitarian field. Its activities cover 15 countries, but its work in Syria started in 2009.

H. Mustafa