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Talkalakh: Great Coexistence Story

In the mid of violence and congestion scenes afflicting the country for more than two years, a glimmer of hope appears as new method of treatment is adopted. This method has been welcomed by many people yet been attacked by others. Reconciliation is the bold title of the initiative taken last week by the governor's convoy to Talkalakh, where armed terrorists have heavy presence. The large convoy included senior officials from the army, security, government and the city’s dignitaries.

This visit is not the first made by state representatives and civil society. Nevertheless, it is held under the auspice of great efforts made by the Reconciliation Committee in the province represented by its head, Sheikh Saleh Al Nuaimi. He considers his effort and the Committee’s members one, along with Talkalakh's reconciliation proceedings being an important step towards ending the crisis.

"Holding this  direct dialogue between clans and tribes on one hand, and armed groups on the other helps building confidence between all components of the society. The constructive dialogue that dominated the meeting led to end the armed presence in this city, as it allowed the state to impose its control and legitimacy upon the city; making those who take up arms against the state to be again state supporters against  Takfiri terrorist groups who are trying to infiltrate from neighboring Lebanon."

All participating parties have accepted the initiative stressing that this country is for all Syrians, and they can bring all things to the table. They had faith in dialogue and acceptance of the other's thoughts and differences. Everyone agree to forgive in order to rebuild  homeland through making the city’s peace model an example to be followed in other Syrian cities. Consequently, an immediate rehabilitation of the city processed, as well as a number of maintenance workshops entered the city to restore what have been sabotaged such as water, electricity and communications.

As we toured the city, every one asserted that many countries wanted to ruin Syria, the Syrian human being, and Syrian society moral foundations. Nonetheless, that didn't not happen, since Syrians can talk about and discuss anything. This country is for all Syrians, and they can bring all things to the table.

They stressed that "Syria is indisputably non conquerable and the coming days would but highlight the unique Syrian model of dialogue, coexistence, fraternity and stability.”

Amal Farhat