victory Heralds

The days passed heavily for al-Kousier people. The majority of them hold on to their homes, but after a period when the armed groups abounded their attacks targeting them, they were compelled to leave the city to safer neighboring places .

Today everyone has returned to the city. Everyone feels joy and pride to liberate the land and clean it from terrorism and murder. Many of them have come to see the ruins of their homes, which were either detonated by terrorists, or used by them as weapons' stores and gathering places. "The most important is homecoming and everything will be compensated and rebuilt again. Our main interest is to save Syria and to protect its land and people against those criminals and mercenaries. The destruction of houses  is not a matter for us, what is important for us is to remain resolute so nothing would undermine our resolve".

I have recently met in al-Kousier many inhabitants coming back knowing that their homes were demolished yet returning back to prove to the whole world that Syrians cannot be defeated ."We will rebuild our Syria and bring life to our city", one of them said.

When I asked a martyr's wife, how do you feel about the Army's victory in Homs at large and in al-Kousier in particular, "victory is what condolences me and my children," she declared.

The martyr's father stressed "I've seen  my son in every soldier who was resisting and fighting valiantly on the battlefield. I feel that those soldiers are my sons hearing my son's voice in their words and cheers."  

The bereaved mother added "I saw the eyes of my martyred son in our victorious soldiers' eyes. I feel victory as a spring blooming in every martyr who returned back to the bosom of the nation 's land."

 A lot of people gathered in the vicinity of the church . They are determined to rebuild it as well as to rebuild the destroyed mosques. They told me that terrorists did not differentiate between a church or a mosque when destroying the city. They went on damaging mosques, churches as well as hospitals and all other service facilities.

 "We came back to our city to construct our church and mosque, since they are our unity's symbols. We will do our best to help the government in rehabilitating the city's facilities to come back as it was and even better", a young man stressed confidently.

Amal Farhat