Russian humanitarian mission visits a nursery and a church in Damascus

Damascus (ST): In parallel with  holding the international conference on the refugees' return, the Russian humanitarian mission paid a visit to the March 8 Nursery  in al-Qusoor area and presented school bags, gifts and toys to children.

Director of the mission Sergey Shiftshok said that the mission has been offering humanitarian aid since 2015 targeting the displaced and school students, noting that during today's visit, the mission presented school bags and toys that develop the intellectual abilities of the students in addition to meals for 120 students.


From the Russian Cultural Centre in Damascus, Victoria al-Ahmad  said that this support was offered from the people of Russia to give joy and pleasure to Syrian people, underlining the importance of holding the refugees' return conference in Damascus to facilitate the return of all Syrian refugees to their homeland. 

In turn, Assistant director of education in Damascus Rana Mouselli underlined the importance of the visit  and extended deep thanks for the Russian support.

The mission also visited the Church of Mar Elias for the Roman Orthodox  in Dweila'a, Damascus and distributed 200 food baskets, detergents and filters for purifying water