Pray to God for Syria

Al-SWEIDA, (ST)-With the participation of some Christian and Muslim religious men and a number of social and women parties, the Administrative Bureau of the Women Union in al- Sweida governorate has organized a special ceremony for Syria in the house of the General Leader of the Great Syrian Revolution Sultan Basha al-Atrash in Quraia city.

During the ceremony the religious men pray to god for witnessing an end to the crisis in Syria, for consolidating national unity and for attaining stability in the homeland, Syria, the land of tolerance, peace, fraternity and stability.

'' Syria is the beacon of civilization throughout history'' the religious men asserted, underlining the importance of abiding by the spirit of tolerance in the face of disputes.

 Head the Popular Organizations Bureau at the governorate Hiyam Qtami said the ceremony is important to shed light on Syria's history which is full of sacrifices and heroic attitudes mainly during the Syrian people's struggle against the French and ottoman colonialism.

''Syria is the heart of resistance and this is the real reason behind our ordeal now ,''she added .

 For her part, Dr. Reem al-Atrash, the granddaughter of the great Syrian Revolution's leader, urged adherence to tolerance and reiterated that Syria is for all the Syrians.

''We must spare no effort to preserve our homeland 's unity, sovereignty and independence,'' Dr. Al-Atrash said.

Also on this occasion, Sheikh Sulieman Skeer said that "These prayers are for Syria's safety, national unity, security and stability'', calling on the Syrians to keep hand in hand to save the homeland.

For his part, Priest Abidallah al-Shaheed said that "love is god 's word on earth and Syria is the land of love . It is the land of civilization and religions, so we must abide by our principles and by the word of God."

Priest Mahmoud Awabda also reiterated the importance of tolerance in putting an end to the homeland's crisis. He stressed the need to give priority to the role women can play in disseminating and upgrading awareness about adherence to national unity.

 Nahla Maaz