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Stunning Artworks of Seashells on the Corniche of Tartous

With the aim of marketing his unique artworks, Ahmed Al-Admi has chosen the corniche in the city of Tartous to display his artworks which are made of seashells so that the largest number of Corniche visitors can see them.

Ahmed’s house near the sea has created a distinguished warm relationship between Ahmed and the sea which motivated him to transform seashells into stunning works of art such as decorative vessels, tissue boxes and mirror frames with the formation of letters on wooden bases in addition to decorative accessories and some pieces used in the house after obtaining the seashells with his own effort or buying them from fishermen who are able to get strange shaped seashells different from those on the beach.

Al-Admi told SANA that he has been practicing this craft for about eight years without learning it from anyone. This craft, according to Al-Admi, requires precision, patience, love of work and the desire to make something different.

He explained the process of making those artworks including sterilizing and cleaning seashells after they were brought from the sea and then choosing the appropriate form, pointing to benefiting from the experience of plastic artists to innovate new ideas in addition to carpenters to make wooden bases to match each piece.

Because each seashell has its own shape, Al-Admi deliberately left the shells of large and distinct shapes as they are, so after cleaning them, he painted them with lacquer to give them a special shine and keep their quality as long as possible, in addition to the embalming process of the sea star, which is a pure masterpiece that gives the house a special natural beauty .

He indicated that despite the difficult circumstances and the weak purchasing power, the sales movement is good, especially on holidays due to visitors from outside the governorate..

Despite the little profit of each piece, Al-Admi is always happy as soon as people stand in front of his products, expressing admiration for their beauty, which gives him an impetus to continue working and creating new ideas.

"the sea gives us a lot of imagination and offers us its benefits. we must use them properly” Al-Admi concluded.

Rawaa Ghanam