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Syria Participates in the World School Debating championships 2020 in Mexico

For the second year in a row, Syria will participate  via internet  in the World  School Debating championships ( WSDC )  2020 in  Mexico..

The WSDC , which  will be held  from 19-24 July  with the participation of 75 countries, is an annual English-language debating tournament for high school level teams representing different countries.

The Distinction  and Creativity Authority stated in a statement , which  SANA  received a copy on Thursday ,  that the Syrian team participating in the championship consists of five members ,  the coach and referee.

 The statement  indicated that the debates will be in  English, where the first round includes six  tournaments .  The duration of each one is one hour.  The team must win at least four tournaments  to ensure qualification to the second round and reach the final debate.

The debates are based on the principle of rivalry between two teams. In each debate, one supports the topic under discussion and the other argues against the same topic regardless of their personal opinion of the contestants..

During the first week of July , the Distinction  and Creativity Agency  held a preparatory camp remotely for students participating in the WSDC  competitions , where they contacted their trainer each in his province via the Internet, in addition to participating in more than 10 friendly tournaments with students from several countries including  Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

It is worth mentioning  that Syria had participated in the World School Debating  Championship that was held in Thailand last year .  The student team’s  member Ibrahim Al-Quseir succeeded in being among the top five speakers among the new participating countries.

Rawaa Ghanam