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Syrian youth George Marrash wins the World Ten Outstanding Young Persons Competition

Syrian youth George Marrash  has recently won the world  Ten Outstanding  Young Persons  ( TOYP )  Competition  , which was  held by the  Junior International  Chamber (JCI ) ..

The young Marrash  won the category  of "Contributing to Children's Peace, Global  Peace and Human Rights" due to his active contribution in the field of community development.

The winner Marrash  told SANA   that he  had started volunteering   as a facilitator of teenagers  Clubs in Damascus countryside before he contributed to the establishment of the "Peace Makers “ Civil Society  Association in Lattakia.

He highlighted the fact that his volunteer  work  aimed to achieve  positive change in society in addition to supporting and qualifying  young people in the field  civil work, the matter which enabled him to run for  the TOYP  competition at the national and international levels, to win among the 152 candidates from different countries of the world.

"I feel proud to convey a bright and prominent representation  of  Syrian youths  to the world and raise the flag  of my country high “ Marrash expressed .

He  stressed  that this victory is among  many  remarkable  achievements realized  by Syrian youths  in various fields.

It is noteworthy that Marrash was  born in 1993 and  graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in  Damascus University ".


Rawaa Ghanam