Life-Loving People

The homeland, where peace and life-loving people like the Syrians exist, can never be defeated, because, despite the terrorism-caused tragic and painful events which have been continuous over the past two years in Syria, the steadfast Syrian people emerge from the heart of pain with more determination to go ahead with their confrontation of terrorism together with the Syrian Arab Army to foil the global conspiracy hatched against their own existence and against their sovereign state and army.

Many, including experts, wonder how the Syrian State has withstood such an aggression. The answer is evident in the Syrian people’s great love to their homeland and in their readiness to sacrifice limitlessly to protect it. It is evident in the unity between the people, the army and the leadership and it is, most importantly, evident in the patience of the Syrian brokenhearted mothers who have lost their sons in the battlefield, but never surrendered to despair. These mothers enjoy enough courage to forget their bleeding wounds and challenge their grief to express their willingness to offer more sacrifices with a strong belief that the homeland always stay, while terrorists are doomed to go to the dustbin of history.

In Syria, rarely can one find a Syrian family which hasn’t lost one of its members in confrontations with armed terrorist groups backed by regional and western states in different parts of the country.

 Just try to talk to one of those mothers and you will get a high dose of patriotism and courage. You will find that you can’t console her, as she is the one who will raise your morals.

“The homeland is our honor and dignity, and if we don’t defend our honor who would do,” said Um Gheyath, a mother of three martyrs. Her sons had joined the army in the battle against armed terrorist groups in Dareyya and were martyred there.

“They were so dear, but Syria was dearer and now our country needs sacrifices,” Um Gheyath said while trying to console tearful Um Mohammad, another mother whose son (Ali) was martyred in rural Damascus clashes.

For her part, Um Mohammad, who was so proud of the martyrdom of her son, seemed strong enough to say that “life without dignity is meaningless and that all of us must keep hand in hand to face the terrorists who destroyed with our life and turned it into a nightmare.”

Um Mohammad has another son (Sa'eed) who was kidnapped last year by a terrorist group in al-Tadamun area. She is afraid he is dead as she has got no information about him so far.

"By their acts of kidnapping, destruction and killing, the terrorists want to sow sedition among us, they want us to surrender to their evil schemes against our state, but they will never succeed, as we will keep steadfast until our beloved homeland wins," Um Mohammad said.

These are only examples of great Syrian women who had brought their children up on patriotism, dignity and human principles. Hence, a country with such strong and patient mothers will surely be victorious.

H. Mustafa