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The Ministry of Information honors the cast of the “Guardian of Jerusalem” series and prepares for another work that reflects the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army

The Ministry of Information honored on Saturday the cast of the series “the  Guardian of Jerusalem” for the resistance, human and national impact that this work has had on the Syrian and Arab public at a time of normalization and surrender.

During the honoring ceremony that took place at the Ministry’s headquarters, Minister of Information Emad Sarah praised the efforts made by the series’ cast starting from writing the script, scenario, directing, to the performance of the actors.


Minister Sarah said in a statement to reporters we were able, through this series, to stand in the way of attempts to normalization, misleading and negligence that some are trying to establish through some dramatic works. So the "Guardian of Jerusalem " came to unveil these attempts and to confirm that the first enemy of the Arab nation is "Israel" and that unequal peace is surrender.

The Minister revealed that the Ministry has started preparing for a dramatic work that reflects the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army and consecrates the status of the martyrs, expressing his hope that the work will be based on the great heroism that our heroic army realized to preserve sovereignty and dignity.

Father Elias Zahlawi said that Bishop Capuci left a mark that turned into a question that is still on the table today regarding the mission of the cleric in society - Is it only social service or are there human and national dimensions that the cleric adheres to as an integral part of his faith?

Director Basil Al-Khatib noted that the honoring of the cast of work at the Ministry of Information has many indications, as it is the first incubator for this dramatic work  and that the " Guardian of Jerusalem " is not just a TV series but rather a national, cultural, historical and documentary project that will remain for future generations to acknowledge the life of Bishop Capuci and the historical conditions he and his motherland, Syria,  passed through.

“The work  took three years, starting with the idea and writing, and then preparing and implementing.  This  required hard work and great effort from all the work team, and we always had a feeling that the work would succeed and the audience would like it,” Director al-Khatib said.

For his part, the series writer Hassan M. Yusuf said we worked through difficult circumstances, but it was no more difficult than the circumstances in which the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army were fighting and we tried to complete what these heroes are doing through this work. We tried, through this dramatic work,  to cast the light on Bishop Kabuji's personality so that it remains alive  in the people's memory .

The artist Amal Arafa, who played Rima’s character in the series, expressed her happiness in participating in the work, pointing out  that the importance of Rima’s personality came from her being the eyes of Bishop Capuci on his hometown Aleppo, which in turn led her to shoulder a great responsibility.

The idea of working on a biography of a patriotic personality in modern history gives the series a great importance, Arafa added,  expressing her hope for the reconstruction of Aleppo in honor of the lives of the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army and the lives of civilian martyrs.

The series “Gaurdain of Jerusalem” was produced by the General Organization for Television and Radio Production, and was presented during Ramadan.

Inas Abdulkareem