Honoring Martyrs' Families in Homs

HOMS,( ST) - Under the patronage of the Baath Party branch Secretary in Homs, Mr. Soubhi Harb, an official celebration was held yesterday in Hadideh district to honor more than 400 martyrs' families who offered their sons for  martyrdom in defense of the homeland in the face of the conspiracy hatched against it.

The celebration was attended by Homs governor, Mr. Mouhammed Mouneer Ahmmed and a number of state officials.
Several speeches were delivered to highlight the heroic deeds of the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the sake of Syria .

 In a speech made by  representative of the martyrs families, Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud, brother of the martyr Major General Rajeh Mahmoud, stressed that all the Syrians are ready to offer every sacrifice so that right and national principles would win. He affirmed that defending the homeland is a sacred duty of everyone. Every Syrian at any position is but a soldier defending Syria against the war imposed on it by the anti-Syria Sheikhdoms and states.

"Syrians are to vanquish and will never stop defending their history and protecting their homeland from the schemes targeting its existence", Mr. Mahmoud underscored.

A number of Muslim and Christian clerics also delivered speeches in which they highlighted the great significance of Martyrs stressing that Syria has always been an example of diversity, strength, amity and goodness.  

The Father, Zuhri Abdo Khaz'al, talked about the fraternity, harmony, co-existence, tolerance and the unity of the Syrian blood in the face of the discord which is aiming at sowing sedition among our people.

 "Honoring the martyrs today coincides with the Holy Saturday of  the Christian denominations and we ask God to save Syria and its people hoping that Syria's  victory will be the resurrection of a new dawn and a new chapter of glory", the Father conclude.

Sheikh Ali Ramadan and Sheikh Sari al-Masri stressed that Islam is innocent of these terrorists who are killing and assassinating scholars and clerics in mosques in the name of religion. They distorted Islam, the  religion of tolerance  and justice .

Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party in Homs, Subhi harb, said in a speech he made that words fail to describe the martyr who sacrifice his life willingly and underestimated death to protect the present and the future of his country because,  for him, keeping the homeland safe is the main goal.

Harb went on to say that Martyrdom  is not a coincidence or an emergency event in the history of our nation stressing that the Syrians  have realized the value of the Martyrdom so they feel it as a case, principle, faith and a means as they provided thousands of martyrs for  Syria's freedom and independence. The caravans of martyrs will continue as long as the enemies, who are involved in the transgression and hatred, are unable to understand that victory will be but right's ally."

Father of  martyr Hisham Ghanem Rizk from Enata village  said that his son martyred last year in Damascus and he has  two other sons in the army who are ready to offer their souls and blood in defense of Syria, referring to his nephew Ali Ibrahim Ghanem who martyred in Aleppo in defense of the homeland .

"Our sons have been giving the whole world numerous lessons in bravery, unity, dignity, honor and humanity," the hero's father concluded.

At the end of the celebration, certificates of appreciation and token gifts were offered to the families of the martyrs.

Amal Farhat