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"Young Forever"…Hope for a better tomorrow

The "Reading Marathon", which was launched on social media on the 6th of May this year, is one of the many and varied activities carried out by the Fraternity Association “young forever”  in Sadad town  to serve the local community and meet its needs.

To know more about the other activities and events of the “young forever” Fraternity, Syria Times e-newspaper met, Miss Abla AlHai, who is responsible for the association. She said : “young forever” is an ecclesiastical gathering committed to the highest human principles that aims to serve the local community and meet its needs by various means. The  gathering was founded in 2012,  its members are currently about 150 university men and women.

 Events and Activities

 “Young forever”  holds a large number of events and activities each year, including those concerned with religious ceremonies, others addressed to children, in addition to  relief  programs .

Regarding religious activities, the most important annual activity we do, is the Christmas Cave which is a Christmas village, at the district level. This village is being built in an uninhabited place, where  we work upon  this place so as to create the atmosphere and costumes of Christmas . Carrying out this event requires working for two continuous months in severe weather conditions, due to the cold climate of the region, but the joy of the townspeople in general and children in particular make us forget all our fatigue and suffering and encourage us to continue our activities".

We also used to hold the Easter activity which lasted from the Palm Sunday to Easter, including many activities and celebrations, such as the "Trail of the Cross" event".

As for our activities addressing  the children of the town , Miss AlHai, said : " the Fraternity is keen to organize various activities that aim to strengthen and develop the child's personality, help to discipline his  behavior and preserve his life.

We have a distinctive participation in the "Sadad is the Nobility" festival, which includes several activities to convey a message of solidarity and human support  for a specific segment of people, such as the "Be a light" initiative aimed at blind people."

Services and work opportunities        

" Out of our commitment to secure job opportunities for our townspeople, especially young people, to ensure a livelihood for them that enables them to overcome life's difficulties, we have created a number of activities and small projects that guarantee job opportunities, either permanent or temporary. We used to set up a "sweets exhibition", which targets a group of women who receive a salary in exchange for preparing many different types of sweet dishes. Every year we change the group of women to give the opportunity  for the largest number of women to benefit from this work. In the end, the products are sold in an exhibition, and the proceeds of this exhibition are given to the relief Program "Basmet Amal".

"Snack Cafe Bambino", which is the first community initiative in the region as it employs people with special needs in order to integrate them with society and enable them to secure a livelihood .

There is also the "Mushroom Project" that created job opportunities for a large number of the people in the town".

 " Among the other services provided by the Fraternity are, the psychosocial support service program, which includes activities and events aimed at strengthening our sense of needy people and highlighting the importance and the value of giving.

"Basmet Amal" relief project is directed at babies  from one day to one year of age as  more than 40 children are provided  with milk powder and baby diapers ".

Various Initiatives

“Young  forever”  had made several initiatives inside and outside the town, such as those that are held to celebrate Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, in addition to the anniversary marking the liberation of our town from terrorist gangs thanks to the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and the "Reading Marathon” which  is being held for the fourth year respectively.

The proceeds of these initiatives and the donations we receive,  are allocated to local charitable institutions and various societies, such as the "Million Smile campaign" to support children with cancer, surgeries and medicine distribution, as well as to create many relief activities and programs that serve the townspeople.

" Out of our absolute belief in the importance of humanitarian work and the need to provide assistance to all who need it, we will follow our work as best as we can to improve the health, social, cultural and financial situation of our town and the neighboring towns, if possible," Miss  AlHai concluded.

Interviewed by:  Amal Farhat