How do we talk with our children about corona

Our children are afraid as we are now and they are not only able to hear everything that is going on around them, but they also feel our constant tension .. they have never experienced anything like this before.

Although the idea of not going to school for a month or more sounds great, But they imagined a fun time like summer vacation and not what really happened to them like staying at home and not playing with their friends.

Omaima says .. I suffered from the behavior of my three children, they feel bored, unwilling to study and their tendency is to wake up late and spend most of the time on the mobile phone.

Mrs. Samar adds, “I have a child in the first grade and I feel unable to justify for her wht we  stay at home and not go to school because of her young age .. And she is constantly repeating” We want to stay at home because of Corona!!! "but she does not know the meaning of what she says.

Mr. Bayan said .. What children need now is a feeling of comfort and love and to feel that everything will be fine and this is possible and he adds I try to interest my children with some activities that are online and we review books.

To learn how to deal with our children during the period of the home quarantine due to the spread of the Corona virus, Abeer Musa a psychological counselor and the secretary of the Family Guidance and Protection Association explained that it is useful to listen our children and understand their thoughts and feelings to encourage them to speak,  and express their thoughts..and it is possible to talk to them about Corona's disease and its causes.

There are many ways to fill children's time through multiple activities at home, of course, without neglecting to study

Play..feelings..activities.. study..understanding..listening..reading.. these  remove their feelings of fear and anxiety  and increase their sense of confidence and safety..these lead to improve their psychological immunity, which in turn improves physical immunity as is proven Scientifically

In these exceptional circumstance that we live in, we must avoid  battles with our children for not doing homework, and refrain from shouting at them for not following the program that we have set for them, and do not compel them to spend hours learning if they do not want to ... because the mental health of our children is more important than their academic skills and what will remain in their memories of this exceptional period is not what they studied but what they lived and felt in this experience.

Lama Razzouk