I am not going to leave my country

Syria is my country, it is the land of my father, and grand fathers, it is my nation, the nation of eternity, Syria is my home, the people in Syria are my brothers and sisters, I swear under the shade of my flag not to leave my country, whatever the price is. I say as Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop Luke said " A person who has no homeland is nothing".

My beloved people who went outside Syria, come back, we have dignity we can't live as refugees, we can't live like beggars, we will share with you everything, we all have lost dear, we all have lost a house, we all have lost our fortune, but we will not lose our dignity, your cries echo in my ears, and my heart, and may Allah the merciful spare you from echoing these cries in your soul.

And I say as our Syrian Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun said, he called on those who consider themselves to be opposition to engage in dialogue and return to Syria, making the people their compass instead of asking help from countries that are well-known for their hostility towards the region, affirming that these countries aren’t actually supporting the opposition; rather their actions seek to guarantee Israel’s security.

I want to ask some Arab rulers and Sheikhs who became to be our enemies now, What are you doing? what did you do to Syria and Syrians? We were very friendly to you, we always opened our home to you, we always considered you our brothers, why are you killing us? Why are you shedding our blood?  Why are you tearing our soft bodies apart? Why ? for God's sake tell me why?

We all are Arabs, supposed to have the same blood, and to share our sadness and happiness,  to have one enemy "Israel", you don't want to help us, ok, just leave us, don't kill us, don't send terrorists to our holy land, don't destroy us, we want peace to every living thing, please leave us in peace.

And for you Obama, I can't prosecute you, you are the judge and the victimizer, you are the legislator and the killer, you always claimed you want peace, and you have prize for that, although you are a killer, you are a monster, you are a man of war not peace, and as I mentioned before you are a crocodile, you have no feeling towards humans.

 A lot of American writers wrote about you, and about your so-called peace prize, (For example: “One must walk the walk of peace, not just talk the talk of peace in order to earn the Peace Prize.”  Paul M., Los Angeles.

 Obama is more a Man of Pieces — as in, ‘Blow them to pieces!’ — than he is a Man of peace.”  Marcus M., San Rafael,

“He’s done nothing to deserve it; and he’s done many things to destroy peace in this world.”  Danny D., Shoreline, WA

“This human has killed more after he got the prize.”  Thomas P., Lewiston, CA

“He obtained the award on promises he didn’t keep.”  Ron B., Bend, OR

“President Obama’s actions have shown that his words were meaningless. The Nobel Peace Prize means little if it’s so easily given away.”  Debra J., Pasadena, MD

 “The Nobel Peace Prize should not be awarded to war mongers and war criminals. Therefore, please revoke the Peace Prize you awarded to President Obama in 2009.”  Fred N., Pleasanton, CA

“It is with deepest regret we ask for this but our President’s actions have not lived up to the high honor of promoting peace.”  GlendaRae H., South Bend, IN

“I don’t think anyone ever understood what Obama was supposed to have done to have deserved the Peace Prize in the first place. And I’m a lifelong Democrat, so my feeling that the Nobel Committee made a mistake is not based in political partisanship.”  Steve J., Hermosa Beach, CA

“It appears that preemptive peace prizes work about as well as preemptive wars.”  Jaan C., Alameda, CA

“As an Obama voter I am deeply disappointed. It was bad judgment to give it to him in the first place.”  Tim K., Long Prairie, MN ) etc…….

 But we are humans, I know you are stuffing your nation's mind and soul with hatred, grudge, and evilness, you pass your rotten hate to them, and make all the people thirst for our death,  I can't prosecute you, but you know what I can do? I can tell my children about you, I can teach them how to love their country Syria, and you know what? I can teach them how to live and die with honor.

At last I say to all our enemies….. thanks, you taught me how to love my country Syria, how to defend it, and how to live in dignity, I am not going to leave my country.

Boutheina Alnounou

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