From Syrian Children to the World: Stop Sanctions…stop Coronavirus

“I am Khalil Fawzi from Syria. I am ten years old, as old as the war in my country, the war that killed the joy of our childhood and took our right to live in safety.  In this critical situation  that the whole world is witnessing facing  Coronavirus, I appeal  you in my name and on behalf of the children of  Syria to lift  the economic sanctions on my country so it can support the health sector and fight this frightening virus. Please save my Syria” the child Khalil Fawzi said in a message addressed to the world at the sideline of a campaign launched by the Children’s Public Library    Association in Lattakia under the slogan "From Syrian children to the world .. Stop the Corona virus ... Stop the sanctions".

The campaign has had positive repercussions and wide participation by children whose videos obtained a high number of views on the Internet.

 It aims at stressing the association’s social and cultural goals ,  intensifying the efforts of all  civil society’s categories to lift sanctions imposed on Syria and  enhancing  the Syrians’ confidence in their just causes .

“The interaction of children is great who from their homes transmitted a  message to the world and called for lifting unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people  that led to a shortage of equipment and medical supplies”, Adawiya Dayoub, the adviser of the Association, told SANA.

The association’s advisor hoped that this initiative will achieve greater prevalence at the level of Syria and turn into a civil movement capable of making real change in the world to lifting coercive measures imposed on Syria.

On her part,  the  member of the board of directors of  the Association  Lama Zeina ,  pointed out that the children aged 4 to 12 showed  creativity,   eloquent and rhetoric  skills as well as speaking fluently in several  languages  including English, French and Swedish.

 A number of children participating in the campaign expressed their hope that the Syrian children’s touching message would reach the hearts of Western countries and help lift the sanctions imposed on their beloved country…

 Some families of the children participating  in the campaign  indicated that the initiative contributed to breaking the daily routine and the state of boredom  during the quarantine period and  raised   the children’s awareness about  the reality of  coercive measures  imposed on Syria , which motivated them  to participate in the campaign..

Rawaa Ghanam