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Protecting children during the house-quarantine

As public conversations around Coronavirus ( COVID-19) increase ,  Feelings like anxiety, stress and uncertainty are felt especially strongly by children of all ages, who are going to need to feel loved and supported now more than ever.

Some psychologists  recommend that children should be dealt with during the quarantine house period , as part of precautionary measures to address  the Coronavirus,  in a special manner and  prevent them from  listening to the misinformation circulating about the Coronavirus that may lead to anxiety.

“If you do not occupy your children  with some activities, they will occupy you with their  fears.” This message was addressed  by a psychiatrist-WHO consultant Dr. Tayseer Hassoon to the parents.

He  noted  the importance of practicing healthy   various habits and activities for children during the  quarantine  house such as explaining information related to the Coronavirus ,  converting cleaning and sterilization of the house into an amusing activity accompanied  by music ,  drawing pictures of viruses and microbes,  and explaining  the benefits and methods  of using personal protective tools..

Dr. Hassoon told SANA that  parents should control their feelings well, pay attention to their reactions and  listen to their children's fears and speak to them kindly, pointing to the importance of not circulating rumors or misinformation in front of children because their fear and anxiety multiply in cases of death cases.


As a result of the quarantine measures such as school closure and restrictions on movements which disrupt children’s routine  , Dr. Hassoon indicates that  parents must plan enjoyable group activities inside the home  in order to develop  children’s skills and improve family relations.

It is the responsibility of the parents, according to Dr. Hassoon, to explain to  children  what is happening in a way that is appropriate  for their ages,   how to reduce the risk of infection and stay safe in simple and understandable words.

He stressed  the importance of not ignoring  the children's questions without answers assuming that they do not realize what is going on  and providing  information about what can happen in a reassuring manner.

On the reactions of children, Dr. Hassoun explained that they differ from one child to another  taking into consideration  that children often take their emotional interpretations from the important adults in their lives, so the response of adults to the crisis is very important.

Dr. Hassoun advises parents to present the facts in a simple and appropriate way , which is suitable for the children’s  ages  and sharing them  in everything that happens in a way that is compatible with their  capabilities .

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