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Giving added value to laurel oil in Al-Daliyah, Jableh countryside

With government support for a project to empower rural women, at a cost of 30 million Syrian pounds, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Reform - Directorate of Rural Women Development - has established in Latakia a Laurel soap manufacturing unit in Al Daliah in Jableh countryside.

Eng. Rabab Warda, head of the Rural Women Department, Lattakia Agriculture Directorate made clear that "we have to take care of the high-value laurel tree, which naturally finds us in, and give added value to laurel oil by manufacturing and packaging it in the laurel soap manufacturing unit in Dalia, with the aim of protecting products from exploiting merchants and selling them at low prices in addition to creating job opportunities for rural women, where job opportunities have been provided for 26 workers in the manufacture of laurel soap, in addition to the manufacture of Vaseline with medicinal and aromatic oils, laurel shampoo, and other detergents such as clear liquid, disinfectants and sterilizers of high quality".

Warda indicated that marketing takes place in the village, where the rural women project was supported by the various food processing units, the sale halls of rural women products in Latakia, and the Syrian galleries of trade throughout the governorate to supply the market with products at promotional prices and in conformity with the Syrian standard specifications.

Lama Razzouk