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Initiatives to distribute humanitarian aid continue throughout the country to confront Coronavirus

Governmental and non-governmental efforts continue in the different provinces of the country to confront the novel Coronavirus ( COVID -19)…

Various civil initiatives are being launched daily to ensure the needs of citizens and to encourage them to stay at home in addition to launching   several cleaning and disinfection campaigns  in neighborhoods, markets, streets and public service facilities in a number of different provinces  in the light of the precautionary measures to address  Coronavirus.

In Lattakia, “Assawari” Civil Society Association, which takes care of the children of martyrs,  displaced and kidnapped, launched a campaign “ together against Coronavirus “.

“ these are challenging times for all of us. We are in the midst of confusion , change and anxiety . As a result, many of us have fallen into a state of distress” Mrs. Afnan Blal Head of “ Assawari “ said in a statement to the Syriatimes e- newspaper.

She underlined that  the campaign aims to meet the needs of a large number of the families  whose work was suspended due to the current circumstances.

Food, bread, masks, disinfection materials were distributed  freely within the framework of reducing  the families’ burdens.

In the context, the seventy-seventh maritime regiment in Lattakia, which is affiliated to the Syrian Scouts, participated in the disinfection campaign carried out in Lattakia’s streets  and public facilities.

In Quneitra,  “Nour” Civil Society  Association for Development and Relief distributed, in cooperation with the Quneitra Governorate ,  the Directorate of Social Affairs and the United Nations Population Fund ( UNPF) , two thousand and five hundred relief baskets to the neediest families in a number of the villages of the province.

In Aleppo, a number of industrialists distributed around 3,000 protective masks, 4,000 pairs of gloves, and 3,000 bottles of sanitizer in the neighborhoods of al-Fardous, Salah Eddin, Masaken Hanano, al-Haidariya, and the University Square.

Meanwhile in Daraa, a number of pharmacists in al-Kashef neighborhood distributed protective  masks, gloves, sanitizers, and rubbing alcohol for free among citizens.

In Sweida the Junior  International Chamber ( JCI) has launched several initiatives to meet the citizens’ needs in different fields.

 A wide-scale sanitization campaign was  also carried out  in the province by a civil group, covering storefronts, markets, streets, neighborhoods, the industrial zone, the blocks factories area, and the national hospital,  using 30 agricultural tractors with sprinklers to spray around 2500 liters of hypochlorite.

 Volunteers from the Syrian  Family Planning Association ( SFPA)  distributed stickers to raise awareness around  Sweida  city.

In Sweida’s southeastern countryside, the municipal council and civil groups carried out a cleaning and sanitization campaign for schools, the health centers, the municipal building, roads, dumpsters, and storefronts.

Rawaa Ghanam