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Flower Arrangement Exhibition in Aleppo in honor of army martyrs

Honoring the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army and highlighting their noble sacrifices which led to the great victory of Aleppo, the Sheraton Hotel in Aleppo recently hosted a celebration marking the International Day for Flower Arrangement. A number of companies specialize in wedding occasions and flower arrangements participated in the event.

Aleppo-based Al-Jamaheer newspaper quoted Eng. Na'ela Shahoud, Director of Aleppo Tourism as saying: “The exhibition delivers a message of joy, love and peace, because Aleppo deserves life,” noting the promotional plan for post-victory era in Aleppo that aims at reviving tourism depending on a tourism promotion campaign for the most prominent tourism investment projects in the governorate.

 Elisar Basmaji, Director of Public Relations at the Sheraton Hotel, the organizer, said that 8 companies specialize in flower arrangements and in organizing social events participated in the exhibition which was held to appreciate the sacrifices of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.

Mrs. Hala Qadimati,  a participant, said " we want through our participation to deliver a message to the whole world that we are stronger than terrorism and thanks to our great army we are able to achieve victory and eliminate the enemies of civilization and humanity . We are able to create beauty and joy even at the most difficult times. Nobody can defeat us because we trust our just cause and our honorable Syrian Arab army".

Amal Farhat