"Yasminat El-Sham", A Volunteer Project Designed to Support the Wounded

 Homs,(ST)-The wounded personnel of the Syrian Arab Army and other war casualties prove every day that despite their injuries they are able to give and excel for the sake of their country and their children and they insist on contributing to the reconstruction and development of their homeland. Their wounds narrate a story of steadfastness, will, challenge, and success.

To help those wounded persons attain their dreams, "Yasminat  El-Sham" Center for Media and Advertising Services was recently inaugurated in Al-Zahraa neighborhood of Homs Governorate under the slogan "Trust, Development, Hope". The center is the first experience of its kind in Syria that seeks supporting and rehabilitating the wounded and providing them with practical experience that qualifies them to enter the labor market.

 Governor of Homs, Talal Al-Barazi, who attended the opening ceremony, affirmed that Yasminat  El-Sham Company is considered as one of the distinguished models that are presented by the wounded nationwide and that the governorate is ready to provide all the required support for them to expand  the company's work in the field of marketing and sales in the various neighborhoods of Homs and in the other Syrian governorates later on.

"Coordination will also be made with various economic activities to benefit from the advertising and media services provided by the company's employees", Al-Barazi confirmed .

The wounded Lieutenant Mohamed Haitham Dinkawi, director of the Yasminat El-Sham Company, indicated that the idea was launched at the Forum for the Wounded at the Castle and Valley Festival, which received great support and attention from President Bashar al-Assad and the first lady who provided all the necessary support to launch the project.

The main goal of establishing the company is to employ a number of people wounded in the war after providing them with the necessary expertise, Dinkawi explained, stressing that all of the company’s 15 employees are wounded, pointing out that work is being done to accept larger numbers in future and to establish branches for the company in all Syrian  governorates in order to generalize the idea of employing the wounded.

Amal Farhat