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Mays El-Jindy stimulates children's imagination through her small project

Mays El-jindy, a young Syrian woman, has launched a qualitative project under the title "Dream Book" that specializes in designing and making dolls through interactive educational methods in order to create a childish world that stimulates the imagination of children and expands their awareness based on the latest learning methods.

El-jindy was fond of the arts of painting on glass, crochet, handicrafts and sewing. Since her childhood, she had the support of her father, who was keen that his daughter possesses up-to-date kinds of colors, drawing tools and materials that her handwork needs. It is the love that grew up with her and accompanied her until she got married and started making dolls for her daughter, which formed the spark of her artistic project.

 She explained in a statement to SANA correspondent that she had the skill of making dolls and that she improved her capabilities through self-learning . She said that she participated in many training and professional courses to master the choice of acrylic and watercolors as she started creating handcraft designs with attractive graphics and bright colors depending on the doll that will be made.

 El-jindi developed her talent and managed to design interactive books that are made of fabric and that include artificial toys to help stimulate the children imagination and develop his abilities away from electronic devices that dominate children's minds.

She indicated the importance of paying attention to everything that would develop children's talents, discover their abilities, enhances their attention, focus, awareness, visual communication and imagination in order to create successful communication with their social environment, and this is the purpose of her project

Amal Farhat