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A Syrian doctoral student wins second place in the Russian Language Olympiad

Reem Jawdat Salman, "a young Syrian graduate student", recently won the second place in the Russian Language Olympiad for foreign students studying in Russia, during the final competition that took place at San Petersburg University.The participants were  7199 male and female students , 500 of them moved to the final stage with a high competition between participants from 131 countries around the world.

Salman's excellence did not come out of the blue, as during her university studies, she obtained annually  al-Bassel certificate for academic excellence and in the summer of the third year she obtained a mission to Tanta University in Egypt as part of a training and recreational program during which she managed to obtain three certificates from the Presidency of Tanta University and from the University's Faculty of Arts.

Reem dedicated her success to the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.

Lama Razzouk