Promoting volunteering for children and raising their rights in a community initiative in Homs

HOMS, (ST)_ More than 70 children who came from different neighborhoods of  Homs  came  with their families  to participate in  "Our children are the change" initiative . This event was held in Al-Waleed suburb's garden of Homs a few days ago to support the right of children in education. Within the activities of this important initiative,  a number of  children participated in various activities such as drawing, planting trees, singing, theater and reading stories. 

The initiative was sponsored by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs   and organized by "First Aid International" Organization in cooperation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. It included several activities to raise awareness of children's rights and environmental protection. An artistic sculpture designed by the international sculptor, "Iyad Bilal", was exhibited during this event in the middle of the garden, expressing the importance of the return of children to their schools.

The children also participated in coloring a mural where  most of their   subjects  were about the rights of the child in addition to planting shrubs within the garden.


Theater director Samer Abu Laila presented an interactive theatrical performance in the manner of the storyteller, with the participation of children, to raise awareness of their rights and duties towards society.

The park was cleaned a month and a half ago as part of the “Homs Al-Adia's Gardens” initiative in cooperation with the people of the area.

The initiative's founder, Abu Laila, pointed out that a garden was prepared to simulate the requirements of children, as it was decorated with artistic paintings that were made from environmental junk and damaged materials placed on the trees to illustrate a child's right.

 Rola Hassan, director of the Book Friends Forum, indicated that children's magazines were distributed to the participants  encouraging them to read periodically.

Engineer Walid Attia, director of parks at Homs City Council, explained that the garden has been well prepared  as a prelude to setting up the initiative, in addition to providing Azdrecht, Brechton and Golden Cypress trees to be planted in the garden.

On the other hand, the Ro'a Awad, an assistant in the Protection and Education Department within the First Aid Organization in Homs, indicated that the initiative seeks to teach  children about their rights through planting 54 trees. Every 3 children help a volunteer to plant a tree that represents one of his/her 54 rights.

  The children expressed their happiness in planting trees and drawing on the walls, pointing out that they  are now aware of their rights whilst having fun.

Amal Farhat