An Argentinean family shows admiration for the ancient cultural city of Palmyra

An Argentinean family who visited the historic city of Palmyra showed great admiration and overwhelming happiness at witnessing the city's history, its architecture and great cultural heritage, expressing dissatisfaction at the  devastation that targeted the most prominent monuments due to the terrorist attacks of ISIS organization.

The  father, Rafael Somini, a retired university professor, explained that the calm that he and his family felt in Palmyra and the safety they felt allowed them to roam the vast and amazing archaeological area, indicating that factor would enhance reviving  tourism  in this internationally known city.

 He also expressed his deep regret after seeing archaeological monuments, which had become piles of stones as a result of the heinous crimes committed by the enemies of human culture .

His wife Blanca Issa, a retired teacher, indicated that her dream came true by visiting the city of Palmyra with her family, showing sadness at the same time for the vandalism of the city's civilizations by the terrorists, enemies of enlightenment and cultural thought, and appealed to the relevant international cultural organizations to seriously contribute to the restoration of these monuments which should be considered  as the property of all humanity.

The daughter Natalia, a student, stated that  Palmyra is a very beautiful city worth visiting, explaining that she will document  what she saw with photos and show her schoolmates and all her friends, noting that she will encourage them to visit Syria and meet its kind and generous people.

Amal Farhat