Small SARC grant revives Mahmoud’s hope for better life

Mahmoud (49 years old) welcomed the Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers, who in his view were the source of hope and giving, with a smile defying the suffering of a protracted crisis.

Throughout the last years, he suffered from hard times securing the basic needs for his family (7 people) as his monthly income would hardly last for two weeks, and there was no way to find a well-paid job. Worse still, he had his leg amputated due to a blood clot three years ago. Therefore, his son was obliged to work and help the father in order to meet the minimum needs of their big family.

 “Nobody noticed my suffering and I was about to lose hope and only SARC stood by me,” said the man describing the start of his story with the SARC volunteers. They met him during their work on a livelihood project (chicken grants project) in Al-Shajara village in Daraa countryside. They listened to his suffering and registered him with the 200 people in need of receiving the grant, which included 19 chickens, a rooster, 150 kg fodders, metal net and veterinary services.

These grants, which are supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross aim to sustain food security for the most vulnerable people.

“SARC support will always be remembered and its morale impact will be in my heart the rest of my life,” said Mahmoud expressing his gratefulness for the grant, which is, for him, the hope to hang onto.

Lama Razzouk