Tailor sews Traditional garment for fifty years in Qamishli

Al-Hasaka, (ST) - Over the past fifty years, the tailor, Muhammad Ali Ahmed Ali (Abu Fikret), has worked in the traditional dress industry in the city of Al-Qamishli in Hasaka, and has excelled in designing the clothes that depend on machine embroidery and manual effort. He creates distinctive quality work that attracts people from inside and outside the governorate.

Ahmed Ali has learned the profession of sewing since he was young, despite the patience and accuracy that this profession needs. He became famous for his shop in the Kayseri Market which specializes in selling raw fabrics to manufacture most types of traditional dress.

The craft man, Ahmed explained that the profession of designing clothes starts with customizing the cutting of clothes, then embroidering them manually to install the copper thread, which has several colors, the most famous being golden and silver.
In order to preserve this style, Ahmed Ali teaches many young people the profession of sewing, and he exhibits his products in competitions and traditional festivals that are held at the level of his city.

Raghda Sawas