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Traveler Adnan Azzam is approaching Moscow to end his trip (Syria is the World)

A few kilometers separate traveler Adnan Azzam from the end of his trip (Syria is the World) from Damascus to Moscow. He began this trip more than nine months ago on the horseback of his thorough bred Arabian horse.

Reaching the end point in Moscow, Azzam will have traveled more than 5000 km with his horse, Nayazek El-Sham.

Azzam said: "We lived, during the various stages of the journey,  through severe weather conditions, especially in the last stage when crossing over to Russian territory, which coincided with the beginning  of the winter season, known for its harsh conditions there."

Azzam added: "Despite the harsh weather conditions in the various countries that we passed  through during our journey  and the long hours of waiting as we were traveling across countries, our determination to continue the journey did not weaken and we insisted  on delivering the Syrian message to the world that "Syria is the country of love and peace".

 He went on to say: " the trip received a warm welcome from all those we met during our journey and it was an opportunity to explain the suffering of the unjust terrorist war that Syria was subjected to and the great steadfastness of our people in confronting it side by side with our valiant army", stressing that the end of the trip there will be a large reception from many interested.

Azzam began his journeys in 1982 with a trip on the back of his horse that lasted 1300 days, making it the first trip in history to cross the world on horseback traveling from Syria to Turkey ,Europe  returning from Spain via Morocco to the starting point of the journey.

 Amal Farhat