Bazaar (You have the right to talk) markets handicrafts

Damascus, (ST) - Bazaar (You have the right to talk) which aims at promoting  awareness of gender discrimination  held by Nada Development Association in Khan Asaad Pasha in Damascus finished its activities.

The two-day bazaar, which gathered more than 75 people from Damascus, its countryside, Tartous, and As-Suwayda, who  were mostly women, featured a set of handicrafts, including crochet, embroidery, accessories, and the manufacture of sweets with the aim of giving the participants an opportunity to market their goods.

Deputy Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, Mai Al-Abrash, explained that the association provides support to those who wish to enter the labor market through vocational training courses within its centers in the Mazzeh, Ghazlaniyyah, Saburah and Zabadani areas, as well as providing financial grants to implement small projects within a program launched in cooperation with the High Commissioner for Refugees since 2013.

Najah Kharita said that bazaar gave her a chance to do a training course in her house in sewing and remodeling of old clothes.


During his participation in the Bazaar, Mohamed Sheikh Mohamed continues to work on his beekeeping and honey sales project in a new area, Artouz. He launched this project four years ago through a grant he received from the association, pointing to the importance of the bazaar in terms of introducing products and expanding their marketing through participation from similar projects owners.

From Al-Suwayda, Mona Abu Hamdan saw the bazaar as an opportunity to introduce the art paintings that she makes from dried rose and to market them, while Roshan Mattanini explained that she was known for her work in the manufacture of wooden ornaments.

Reem Gharib and Ward Mohamed from Tartous presented a set of accessories and crochet work.They considered that participating in such bazaars and group exhibitions contributes in increasing experiences and creating new marketing opportunities.

Raghda Sawas