Children's parliaments are a step to enhance their self-confidence and encourage dialogue and responsibility

Damascus, (ST) - Children's parliaments work to train young children to take responsibility and acquaint them with their rights and duties, and to develop the culture of discussion and dialogue with them and raise their problems and aspirations in front of other people older than them to which will result in a lot of positive points in the formation of their childhood personalities.

The atmosphere of children's parliaments was recently embodied during an interactive session within a meeting of young parliamentarians from the Vanguard of the Ba'ath Organization with members of the Damascus City Council, who asked them questions and inquiries and received from them immediate answers to all their proposals concerning their lives with their families and within the community and the rights of the child and everything related to his personality.

The topics raised by children spontaneously touched on the lack of a sufficient cadre of informatics teachers for some classes and their need to re-intensify school trips.

Some of them called for activating the role of school health doctor and school health guides in the schools, caring for pioneers in the style of scientific Olympiad students, allocating an environmental festival for children, finding a solution to the traffic congestion caused by transportation in front of school doors, and activating art class, music and attention to talents.

“The demands of children are right and it is not allowed to infringe on recreational classes such as drawing and music because they develop their talents and launch their creativity,” said the General Director of Damascus Education, Ghassan Lahham.

He added that a vaccine program to immunize children and protect them from diseases will be implemented soon. The ministry has been working since the beginning of the school year to equip the infrastructure in schools and to repair the shortage of teaching staff.

Environment Director, Wadih Juha, considers that children are an essential partner in the activities because through them the cultures and positive behavior is transcended.

A number of children members of the parliament, including Hala El-Yassin, Ibrahim February and Dima Salama, said in their statements to SANA's reporter that the parliament is an important and new step to strengthen children's personality and encourage them to put forward air their problems and find solutions in distinctive fields that brings them together as adult parliaments.

Raghda Sawas.