The "voice of the Heart" Initiative for Blind students

The Blind Association in Lattakia, in cooperation with a group of volunteers, provides a curriculum for the blind students in Syria as part of the "Voice of the Heart" initiative, which aims to provide the curriculum textbook for the  basic and secondary education stages as an audio book through which the blind student can do  his homework and obtain education and knowledge at any time without any help from the others.

To find out more about this initiative, the Syria Times e-newspaper met Mr. Nizar Farhat, vice president of the association  and the creator of this initiative, who said: "In light of the current crisis in the country and the unjust economic siege imposed on us in addition to the high prices of papers used for writing in Braille, we found that there was an urgent need for blind students to keep up with students in the other schools and to be at the same educational level".

"The work is performed in a scientific way and in coordination with the Department of textbooks Publications in the province of Latakia. We thank everyone who contributed with us to the success of this initiative.

The links of the recorded books and the books that will be rerecorded in the near future will be set successively on the web site of the Association of the Blind in Lattakia", Mr. Farhat concluded.








interviewed by Amal Farhat

Photos by Amal Farhat