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Diplomatic Club of Syria holds international charity bazaar to help orphans and children with disabilities

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The International Charity Bazaar, held by the Diplomatic Club of Syria at the Sheraton hotel in Damascus, showcased handicrafts, food products, cosmetics and paintings and different art works depicting the heritage of the 12 participating countries.  The proceeds of the event will go to civil society associations that care for orphans and children with disabilities in Syria.

The event marks the resumption of the Club's activities after a seven- year stop because of the crisis in the country. The Club used to hold an annual multicultural gathering and international charity bazaar by women diplomats from foreign countries in Syria.

 Brazil, Argentine, Bulgaria, Belgium and Pakistan are among the participating countries.

The Argentinean Embassy presented tango and classical music performances.

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal al-Mikdad said in a statement that the resumption of the club's activities is very important as it indicates that the general situation and the state of security have improved in Syria.

He stressed the foreign  ministry's readiness to provide necessary support for such good initiatives by women diplomats whose countries' embassies kept working in Damascus

Organizer of the Bazaar, the wife of the Brazilian Ambassador in Damascus, Dr. Mercedes Vaz Pitaluga said that since its establishment 25 years ago, the Diplomatic Club of Syria has sought to achieve social, cultural, and charity goals, pointing out that the club has provided help to several nursing homes and orphanages and raised funds to contribute to implementing education, development and medical projects in Syria.

      On behalf of the representatives of the charities and the nursing homes that will receive support through the bazaar, the nun Nihad Aad, the Director of Saint Boulus Ali al-Sour Monastery, said that the monastery provides services to some 30 orphans. It also contains a home for the elderly, she added, thanking the donors who never stopped providing assistance to the monastery during the crisis in Syria.

Hamda Mustafa