French delegation’s members to tell their friends: “Syria is full of life… Do not believe what western media outlets report about it”

Since they have been involved in the more than 8-year terror war on Syria, the French media outlets do their utmost to prevent the French people from discovering that the reality of events in Syria is not as they have portrayed.

One of these ways is based on their "care "about the lives of the French people.There is a warning that is still being published about the risk of travelling to Syria.

“This warning  is not worth the paper it's written on for the people who have been to Syria during the war and for these who know what is really happening in it,” according to the Syria activist in France, Mrs. Rima Khlifawi, who works for the Syrian community’s  Association in Paris.

She told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the association organizes two trips for French citizens every year- In spring and Autumn- with the aim of helping them discover the reality of situation in Syria that contradicts with  what is being circulated by the western media in general and the French one in particular.

“Roughly 40 foreign citizens, most of them are French, come from France to Syria every year via the trips being organized by the association that promotes trips through  its Facebook account,” Mrs. Khlifawi added, indicating that the association holds exhibitions in France on Syria.

Mrs. Yolanele Thomas, who visited Syria in 2005 and 2006, was not afraid to come to Syria last month with the 15-member delegation, who visited several Syrian cities between October 24 and 30.

“The reaction of my friends was negative when I told them that I would travel to Syria. They said: ARE YOU CRAZY!! Actually, I was worried about the situation in Lebanon, not in Syria, because our plane had to land in Beirut and a car would transport us to Syria. The French people are not able to understand that the western media outlets are lying about Syria,” Mrs. Thomas said.

She went on to say: “It is hard to change the idea of the French people about the situation in Syria as they are still thinking that the Syrian government is killing its people and the situation in your country is very bad. We cannot find a cure to those people. I will share the photos I captured here with my friends on FB in order to show them that Syria is safe.”

The French media is deceiving us

Not only this madam, but also a French gentleman, who came with the same delegation with his mother, will share the photos he took in Syria.

“I feel good here. I can walk in the streets every night without any problem,” Lucien Ginoux told us, indicating that this is his first visit to Syria.

“The French media is deceiving us. It reports false news about Syria... When I arrived in Damascus, I shouted: ‘WOW! Is this Damascus!!  It is full of life.. I love your country and the Syrian people. I will be back in 5 months  for my birthday,” he added.

This man came to Syria because of curiosity. He wanted to see what is happening in Syria with his own eyes. “We went to Aleppo, Palmyra, Homs, Hama and Damascus… Now, I have my own opinion to share with my friends. Damascus is very beautiful city, but the situation in Palmyra city is sad because it is destroyed,” he stated.

His mother, Mrs. Martine Chareyre, was afraid to come to Syria because the French media outlets say that the situation in it is not good. But she decided to do that when one of her friends, who repeatedly comes to Syria, told here that the situation there is safe. “ I was really surprised when I arrived in Damascus.. I am very happy here. The Syrian people are very kind... I will explain to the people I know in France what the reality of the situation in your country is."

Syria's victory

On her part , Monica Jankovic, a Brazilian mother of 3 children, who was among the members of the French delegation, said that the difference between her current visit to Syria and the previous one is that she was able to visit some new places that she hadn't seen  before like Palmyra.

“Seeing families returning to their homes in Palmyra was wonderful, it's a sign of Syria's victory. ”she said.

“We visited Hama countryside and we heard from people there how they feel now and how their lives have changed after the liberation of neighboring areas from terrorism on the hands of the Syrian Arab Army. This is another sign of Syria’s victory,” Mrs. Jankovic declared.

For her the third sign of Syria's victory was seeing the progress in the reconstruction of the beautiful city of Aleppo. “Seeing the progress from last trip to this one with my own eyes was so precious for me, it shows how strong is the will of life in the hearts of the Syrian people despite everything they have been through.”

“Aleppo was the first city that showed me the effects of the war last year. Touring the city with a  friend from Aleppo who had lived through everything in Aleppo since the beginning of the war and learning from him about some of the moments that he had lived during Aleppo's liberation gave me a deeper insight and understanding of how fierce the war against Syria is and how wrong is the position of western nations in this conflict,” concluded Mrs. Jankovic, who plans to pay a third visit to Syria with one of her children.

It’s a good job that the foreign tourists, who visit Syria, would convey the reality of the situation to every one they know in their countries. WELCOME TO SYRIA.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour