The Story of The First Martyr in Homs

"Everything in life  has a starting point  and life is full of  surprising and unexpected events that change the course of our life." With  these words Mrs. Wa'ed Karakeet, the wife of martyr Adel Suleiman Fandi started the story of her husband's martyrdom. 

 " Over the past two years, we were watching  what was going on the neighboring Arab countries. It was something new and strange that we never experienced. People  were demonstrating in the streets calling for the overthrow of their governments. The state of unrest and bloody coups  did not mean anything for us as. What they asked for and suffered  from were far away from us and these mobs in the streets didn't represent our people. We were sure that Syria will not be a part of this crazy chaos that leads to nothing but to  more killing, looting and savage destruction. We do believe that Syria is immuned against such immoral and sinister acts and we will not experience such painful events until

I received  a phone call telling me that my husband was hit by a number  of terrorists who were demonstrating in the street near the  building where he was  working  and he is now  in the hospital."

Trying to muffle her sobs, she said: "I went quickly to the hospital, for  my great astonishment, I found the hospital director waiting for me at the entrance to tell  me that my husband had martyred.  I did not understand the meaning of what he was trying to tell me. I couldn't find any reasonable explanation for what I have just heard. I started to cry hysterically and scream telling nonsense  until I fell down unconsciously".  

"When I restore my consciousness and discovered the bitter truth, Wa'ed continued sadly, the hospital director told me that my husband sacrificed himself in  defense of his home when a group of terrorists went on the  so-called peaceful demonstration and began to attacked everyone they found in front of them from the police and security forces. They  destroyed  the  public utilities and state institutions  where your husband was working . When he tried to  prevent the mobs vandalizing the building, that he was guarding they hit him on the head. By these simple words the hospital director told me how my husband has been killed".

She went on to say: "Martyr is a magic word that we heard a lot about but we did not know any martyr for a long time as  our town   did not receive any martyr since the end of the civil war in Lebanon .

We have read a lot about the greatness of the martyrs and about their distinguished position with their Lord. We saw a lot of the state's offers for the children of the martyrs and their families. I heard  a lot of consolation words and I saw bitter tears in the eyes of everyone who came to congratulate on my husband's martyrdom. I was still in shock shedding bitter tears of sadness and pain. I did not pay attention to my three children who have been left alone. We have no  supporter or financial resource except the salary that we receive every month. Now we are alone in this world ..... I have  no job , I do not master any profession and I did not  complete my education. First and foremost,  my husband's  family is  very poor and do not have enough money to help  us ."

"At the  day of martyr funeral , great number of  people came to our small village; the Governor, Chairman of the Party branch, military leaders, dignitaries and members of the Parliament. Everyone participate in the farewell of the first martyr  in Homs hoping that he will be the last".

Highlighting the generous offers and the special care provided to her family  by the State in general and Mr. President in Particular, Wa'd said: "After the calm that prevailed following the storm of martyrdom I began to recover my balance and arrange  my thoughts. I do not know what I have to do. Actually there was not much to think about. A few days following the funeral I have received a lot of phone  calls and the surprise was that one of these contacts was from the First Lady.

I did not  know whether I should be happy or sad or how to express my feelings. I am certainly happy and I cannot believe that the First Lady is calling to console the death of my husband but the biggest surprise was when I was invited to visit her with my children at the Presidential Palace.

The meeting was a mixture of joy and sadness where I met Mr. President and the First Lady. The joy of my children was beyond every description when Mr. President kissed them and sat with them exchanging talks about the nobility of martyrs who sacrifice themselves for the sake of their homeland.

This meeting has eased a lot of the orphanhood bitterness felt by my children. Their meeting with like-father President was wonderful and sentimental.

After that meeting, office of Mr. President continued to contact with us regularly. They informed me that  Mr. President has issued instructions that met all our requests, especially when I asked him for a job because I must grow up my  kids of my work. I actually have given the helping hand from the government authorities and I have got an appropriate  job  in Homs so I decided to continue my study.

The great will that I have gained from the martyrdom of my husband and the great and unlimited support provided  by Mr. President and the first lady  were a great incentive for me to extend my career, family and study as well. So my days were filled with work , diligence and fatigue during the day and night until I got the intermediate studies  certificate and my kids succeeded in their schools with honors".

"Now, after two years following my husband's martyrdom, Syria is still offering more martyrs and the Syrians are still steadfast defending their history and protecting their homeland from the schemes targeting its existence.

I hope that all the great mothers who lost their sons during this ordeal and the children who have lost their parents and lovers to believe that victory will be snatched by he who resists and defends the right.

Martyred heroes would but oil the shinning torch of Syria's soon-to-be victory over the forces of darkness". The hero's wife concluded proudly.

Amal Farhat