Olive tree symbol of peace, life and fertility

Many legends have been associated with olive trees over ages as it was linked to peace, life, victory and fertility.  Olives are the most ancient agricultural product in Syria, the native homeland of the olive tree. The number of olive trees in Syria has amounted to more than 90 million.

Olive trees spread almost everywhere in Syria. But they are mainly located in the northern and western regions (Aleppo, Idleb, Lattakia and Tartous and Western Mountains of Homs). They are also widely spread in the southern region (Dara’a, Sweida and Quneitra). In fact, the blessed tree can be seen everywhere in Syria.


The Ministry of Agriculture expected an increase in the production of olive for this season in comparison the last season that suffered from a production decrease due to bad climate conditions and the sabotage and plundering acts launched by the terrorist groups against olive farms.

Apart from targeting civilians, electricity networks, hospitals and drinking water facilities, the Turkish regime and its mercenaries from terrorist organizations targeted olive trees through cutting them in order to open a road between Efrin area and Liwa Iskenderun via Hammam village, 25km west of Efrin area to enable lorries to transport olive and other looted items from Syria, which constitutes an act of pillage against national wealth and property.

The farming of the olive trees, is one of the oldest signs of civilization in the world. The olive culture is based on the great benefits of olive oil, and the myths linked to it spread through the Phoenicians to Greece, and from Greeks to the rest of Europe.

Today, after the elapse of 6000 years on the spread of olive cultivation from Syria to the rest of the world, Syrians are still among the leading producers of olive oil. The Syrian soil and climate is still the best for the growth of olives and other fruitful trees.

 Archaeological excavations have shown that the first documentation regarding olive trees and oil production was found in the archives of the ancient Ebla Kingdom.  People there knew olive oil and offered it to their gods to obtain their blessings and benedictions. The Holy Koran and Prophet Traditions referred to the great value of olive oil several times. In one Hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated that olive oil contains a cure for seventy illnesses. Several recent medical studies have proved the great benefits of olive oil and its ability to treat several chronic diseases.