"Damascene Jasmine" activity concluded

A group of youths launched an activity called "Damascene Jasmine" to brief society about activities and initiatives being carried out within shelters (in which displaced families are temporary living) and outside them.

The three-day activity, organized by the Syria Trust for Development in cooperation with Charity Commission for Relief the Palestinian People, is to be kicked off on Saturday morning (on April 13 ) at the Art House Hotel in Mezzeh area in Damascus.

According to a copy of press release sent to the Syria Times, the activity contains exhibition for collection of paintings, bazar, auction, music playing, and a film.

The activity in which children living in shelters and those living in hosting societies are working together mainly aims to achieve integration between them according to the goal of an initiative called 'integration through art works'.

Here, we can mention that the Trust has recently launched three initiatives for educating affected children in Damascus, and this activity reflects successful outcome of these ongoing initiatives.

Revenues are to go towards support other aid and development initiatives.

In fact, such initiatives prove Syrian people' determination to continue education despite current crisis the country is going through.

The Trust is supervising 22 shelters in Damascus and has launched several aid and development initiatives to alleviate suffering of citizens affected by the two-year old crisis.  

Basma Qaddour